Dictator Nicolás Maduro launches a purge after oil minister’s resignation and rumors of a coup: “We’re going to clean up Pdvsa”

Dictator Nicolás Maduro launches a purge after oil minister’s resignation and rumors of a coup: “We’re going to clean up Pdvsa”
Maduro spoke after El Issamy resigned

Dictator of Venezuela Nicolás Maduroannounced on Monday It will “completely” cleanse the state-owned PDVSA of corruption mafias with “drastic measuresBy “and a”.Restoration at the highest level”.

“We beat Pdvsa and these mafias (…) in all their means, we go, you’re going to see it, we go Absolutely clean PDVSA All these mechanisms, all these atrocities, all these people who steal money from the people, with strict measures, restructuring at the highest level”, said the Chavista leader.

During a meeting with the national leadership of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the state channel broadcast VTVMaduro said he had.Conducted privately“A series Research The corrupt mafias entrenched in important sectors including the oil sector should be “dismantled” not only in the judicial and political sectors.

(It was) an investigation that took weeks and was carried out personally by me“With the active cooperation of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic and all its agencies,” he said.

He pointed out that during the first phase of this direct action against corruption.Important businessmen, very important managers, senior officials (and) representatives of state institutions”.

Based on recent investigations into alleged “serious” corrupt practices at PDVSA, the Minister of Petroleum, Tareck El-AissamiHe resigned his post on Monday, “with the intention of fully supporting, supporting and supporting this process.”

This time, at least arrest Four government employeesIncluding the current former head of the National Watchdog of Cryptoactives (Sunacrip). Joselit Ramirezas well as Two judges And A chavista mayorConfirmed for involvement in administrative corruption charges VTV This Monday.

Venezuela’s former oil minister, Tarek El Issamy (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernández Viloria)

Some of the senior officials arrested are part of a new “crusade” against corruption in Venezuela A network of prostitution in the service of politicians and businessmenThe news was disclosed under stock to the company AFP A source linked to investigations.

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Since last week, when the National Anti-Corruption Police (PNCC) announced an “in-depth investigation” into officials involved in “administrative corruption and fraud”, senior officials and “frontmen” operating under the guise of businessmen have been arrested.

According to the press, at least three of the prisoners have connections with powerful people Tareck El-AissamiThe oil minister, who resigned this Monday from 2020, was stopped by a new scandal at state-owned PDVSA, about which some 25 investigations have been taking place since 2017 in prison.

Arrested on Sunday, Deputy and former Minister of University Education, Science and Technology, Hakbel RowaConsidered a close collaborator of El Aissami, one of the creators of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency Petro Supporting the country’s crude oil reserves.

An oil tank at PDVSA’s Jose Antonio Anzoategui industrial complex in Anzoategui state (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins/File Photo)

Rowa had the businessman “in the lead”. Alejandro Arroyo“The owner of a mansion in Country Club (an exclusive urbanization of Caracas), a large fleet of trucks and soccer teams,” added the source.

More seriously, she ran a prostitution network in the service of this group, where they recruited young women to serve as escorts.”, the informant asserted.

The businessman had a partnership with the former governor of Kumana. Edwin Rojas”, local press reported that he was arrested this Monday as well.

The detainees were admitted to PDVSA’s Vice President of Trade and Quality Assurance, Col. Antonio Perez Suarez; And Joselit RamirezVenezuela’s Superintendence of Cryptoactives (SUNACRIP) is responsible for oil trading in cryptocurrencies to avoid US sanctions.

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The surprising purge of the Chavista authorities was exposed like never before. Deep divisions within Nicolás Maduro’s regime. The dictatorship’s propaganda machine maintains that it is a fight against corruption. But the real background is different.

Andres IsarraHugo Chávez’s former communications minister commented in a conversation with infobae That What is happening in Venezuela is “a power struggle” Maduro also has Tareck El Aissami, one of the most influential men in the regime.

“Tarek El Issamy, until now the Minister of Oil, was at the time of his resignation the most powerful figure within the Madurismo structure. He was not only the head of PDVSA, which gave him a lot of access to important resources in the country, but also controlled an important political structure. He had many members of his team The governors, the ministers…that is, he controlled the power in the executive power, the economic power, the intelligence services, the armed forces, etc…”, said Izarra, who is “in exile” in Germany. To return to his country.

He also pointed out that the former oil minister, recognized by the US, is an official with important international ties, mainly “with the Russians, the Turks, the Syrians, Hezbollah…”.

The former Chavista minister acknowledged that Maduro has always allowed his inner circle to benefit from the criminal structure he has put in place since arriving in Miraflores. “But what Maduro doesn’t allow is that they deny power”He insisted.

As indicated, the dictator began a purge of Chavista officials After discovering that “there was a great power built in its shadow.” “Now Nicolas is seeking the head of Tareck El Aissami to cut off that power”He warned.

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(With information from EFE and AFP)

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