Twitter co-founder Elon Musk acknowledges visit: “This is the right way” Economy

Twitter co-founder Elon Musk acknowledges visit: “This is the right way”  Economy

Monday was a busy day for Twitter employees around the world. A review on the social network to find answers During the arrival of billionaire Elon Musk Led by a technology company after several weeks of tensions. Some workers in Asia released a bottle on the day of the company’s sale to Tesla’s owner for $ 44,000 million. Jack Dorsey, One of the founders of the social network, blinked at a musical key. Having been the brainchild of the company for many years, Radiohead chose the song. Everything is in the right place (Everything is in the right place). “Twitter as a company has always been my only problem and biggest regret. It belongs to the Wall Street and advertising model. Taking it from Wall Street is the right first step,” he continued in his message. Who is the best person for that change? Elon Musk.

Although Dorsey believes the company “should not be owned or operated by anyone,” Elon Musk is “the unique solution I believe in.” Dorsey, who stepped down as Twitter’s CEO in December, said, “I believe in your work to spread the light of consciousness.” His management was widely contested by a group of aspiring investors seeking his head among critics for what he considered to be a weak management of a social network that for many years had stagnated in both revenue and user growth.

Dorsey gave the baton to Barack Agarwal, a Stanford programmer who has been chief technology officer on the social network for a decade. Both will benefit from Musk coming to the company. Dorsey holds 2.25% of the title of his work, so his fortune could rise to $ 975 million once the offer of $ 54.20 per share is consolidated. Agarwal will receive $ 39 million.

Dorsey said Monday night that Twitter is now entering a new phase. In this, Agarwal will work with Musk to promote the essence of the “public good” and to remove barriers to managing a profitable company. “Elon aims to create a site that is trusted and widely accepted by the majority … This is also Barrack’s goal, which is why I chose it. Thanks to both of you for rescuing the company from the impossible situation. This is the right path, ”the programmer added to the long chain of messages. The book concludes with a message of hope for the future of the company, which continues to serve the “public discourse”.

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Who knows deeply all the sides of the coin.


This is not the first time that Dorsey, the champion of the most popular Libertarian values ​​among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, has publicly praised the planet’s richest man. In February 2019, Dorsey assumed ownership of Tesla The most influential user of the social network. “He focuses on solving existential problems and sharing his thinking openly, which I have great respect for, even in all its ups and downs,” Kasturi told journalist and technical analyst Cara Swiss. Thanks for the gesture A “Twitter Rocks!”

What Dorsey underlined a few years ago has become clear in recent weeks. Musk went to the social network, through which he wanted to take the hostile acquisition effort to make the whole bidding process transparent. In the middle of this process, he sat down for a TED talk to reveal his strategy. Chronology. “I tweet more or less what comes from my conscience, not that I have a big plan in mind about my Twitter or anything. I can just leave it in the toilet or something and post it thinking ‘this is fun’, “he shared with Chris Anderson.

In January 2020, during a company event, Dorsey wanted to know what improvements Musk would see in the service, and he was invited to speak. The businessman told him it was a refinement Boat And bogus accounts that affect the scale of the debate within the forum. This is an idea that Musk recently reiterated, which marks one of the first actions he expects in the first months of coming to the technology company.

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