Did the video assistant referee fail in the goal that Boca Juniors canceled against Atletico Mineiro? | football | Sports

Did the video assistant referee fail in the goal that Boca Juniors canceled against Atletico Mineiro?  |  football |  Sports

CONMEBOL has released the audio recordings of the controversial play of the Copa Libertadores match.

The play will be remembered for a long time. Boca scored a goal for Atletico Mineiro and put the series in his favour. But as happened at the Bombonera, in the first leg, they badly canceled the match via VAR, and now the same will happen in Brazil. Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostogic will be called to check on Diego’s alleged interference. Octopus Gonzalez after assuming Offside The player publishes his diary first.

After the post-match scandals, in which the Brazilian police fired tear gas at the players, the team was late at the police station and the fact that they could not immediately return to the country as expected, CONMEBOL rushed in, and after 00:00: 00 today in Ecuador, I published audios Controversial play of the game.

As soon as Marcelo Wigandt, from Boca, turned to Ostwich, he was immediately notified by the VAR that they would review the goal play, in principle due to a possible foul by Wigandt on Dodo, who fell in the Mineiro area.

Photo: video capture

“Go ahead, go ahead, the player is already on the ground. Let it go on… Release the goalkeeper, and he hits,” said Julio Pasconan, the VAR official, after analyzing the play and determining there was no foul.

But before continuing with the game, he decided to review the possibility Offside: “Let’s go back, I want to see if there is an offside. Give me the point of contact again since the beginning of the play.”

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After checking the position Octopus González, with different lines to determine whether he was ahead or not, decided to finally call the referee to see the play because they considered that in addition to being ahead, he was interfering with the goalkeeper.

However, at no point did Ostojich appear from the front as it is clear how the Mineiro goalkeeper only loses the ball. They only showed him a picture of Diego Gonzalez from the side, so the Uruguayan couldn’t see Iverson’s throwback, something super into the play.

Other details are in the normal work of the field judges: the line, when the ball entered, ran to the middle and scored the goal.

Anyway, they called him in for a partial review of the play. “Esteban, I recommend OFR because of the player’s interference with the goalkeeper. I recommend you to come and see him.” Thus, Ostojich approached the screen and after seeing the images shown by VAR, he finally followed Bascuñán’s recommendation and claimed the position at the front due to the intervention of the octopus.

“On the line, number 23 is offside. Julio resumed offside,” he warned, as he moved away from the screen to collect Offside.

VAR full dialogue

Where: Falls before, the ball is released. Goal.

Where: I’d like to watch the whole play from the beginning, please. Let’s check from the beginning.

AVAR: Let’s check the goal of VAR technology. Give it, I want the opposite, give me the focal point.

Where: Advance, Advance, the player is already on the ground. Let it go… The goalkeeper is released, and he hits.

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Where: Let’s go back, I want to know if there was an intrusion. Give me the focal point again, since the beginning of the play.

Where: Give me the point of contact. Stop, over there. Give me 16:50 or Goal Line.

VAR (Change Camera): Come on, go ahead. is enabled.

Where: I’m back to the hotspot and I want to know if this player is offside.

Operator or operator: Do you want to make a mistake?

Where: I want to make a line (the lines are drawn in the image) AVAR: Esteban, we’re checking for a possible intrusion.

Rule: Stealth, excellent. We’re checking for a possible intrusion, missing.

Where: Top, one in white. There, more on the right. (As they arrange the lines to measure the position of Octopus Gonzalez).

Operator or operator: Do you want to check the hotspot?

Where: Top. Yes, I want to verify the hotspot.

Where: More back. There is a connection point. Now give me 16:50, more to the left.

AVAR: Give us time, Esteban. It’s a good stealth game.

Where: over there, Stop. Sure.

Where: I want a knee. The knee is blue. Here it is, I assure.

Where: Well, to me it’s a sneak peek into this photo. Now let it go. Give me the open shot.

Where: Give me the first and I want to let it go slowly. Intervene with an archer, give me the number that interferes.

AVAR: It’s because of the interference, Julio.

Where: by intervening. I’m going to call.

Where: Let it go, let it go and I want to see when he interferes with the goalkeeper.

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Where: Open, when you step into the doorman, please.

AVAR: He argues at the ball.

Where: Stop. There argue the ball.

Where: Esteban, I recommend OFR due to player interference with the goalkeeper. I recommend that you come and see it.

Rule: Come on, awesome.

Where: We will show the hotspot, the created line and then let it continue.

Where: and point of contact. You can record that photo.

Operator or operator: Yes Yes. This is that.

Where: and point of contact. This is not the connection point for the other camera. Do you Beauty. I want the Beauty And that.

Where: Esteban, look at Beauty. I show you the focal point and the player has a knee, number 23, there’s a mark on the line.

Where: Now I let you run and see the overlap with the goalkeeper.

AVAR: He argues at the ball.

Where: Challenge the ball in the face of the goalkeeper.

Rule: Interfere with the goalkeeper.

Where: Interfering with the goalkeeper, right.

Rule: He goes in search of the ball and interferes with the goalkeeper. You can’t make the gesture you have to make in order to squabble over that ball.

Rule: On the line, number 23 is offside. Julio, I resume sneaking, okay? I will resume sneaking. (Dr)

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