Summary of the match Puebla vs Mazatlan (2-0). Objectives

Summary of the match Puebla vs Mazatlan (2-0).  Objectives

Mexico City /

Thanks to a penalty for favor and good scoring, Puebla He won 2-0 tonight on the double day. The tape passed over Mazatlan with goals from Christian Tabo And Dieter VillalbandOr the one who met the goal after the scandal that lived in Chivas and kept him out of action.

Emotions were kept until the second half, as goals and a Puebla seal seemed to fight to the end to impress the fans in the stands.

defender Jorge Antonio Padilla He committed a fatal foul in the area by stopping the ball with his arm fully extended and immediately Jorge Antonio Perez Duran Sign up for Alcamoteros.

taboo Taking the ball and placing it from 11 steps to beat it with a precise shot to Nicholas Fikonis. Thus, a 1-0 draw was drawn on the scoreboard to force Mazatlecos to strive for a tie and not lose points in this final stage of the tournament to determine those who advance to the next round.

Villapando’s comeback

The search was lazy, and those in the port did not succeed in determining plays on the attack and Nicolas Larcamon Take the opportunity to make changes to seek to rule the game. a) yes, Villalpando entered the field after a year away from the field.

player exited chivas In October last year due to controversy over complaint sexual harassment. After your legal dispute is resolved, the file tape His record in this tournament, but he also had no minutes except Sub 20.

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Tonight, Villalpando is back And he did it in the best way. He was responsible for ending the match 2-0 and finally celebrating a goal just over two years later. remarkably Lived in the drier flock of goals The last time he scored was on August 25, 2019 in the Chivas vs Necaxa match.

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