Diego Vasquez managed to climb a wall outside of Yankle Rosenthal to watch the match – Deeze

Diego Vasquez managed to climb a wall outside of Yankle Rosenthal to watch the match – Deeze

Motagua coach Diego Vasquez, on Saturday, managed to watch the match against Marathon by banning him from entering the Yankel Rosenthal Stadium.

The Argentine is seen on a surrounding wall for eye contact with his team. Diego has arrived at prof little truck It was located in the north of the building with you in the Directorate of Education, adjacent to the headquarters of the “green monster”.

Watch. This was the goal of MOTAGUA where Momma Emilio left

In the picture you can see the coach, and in the background the stands of the stadium where the match will take place. Diego is serving a penalty and in the next match against Real Sociedad in Tegucigalpa he will be able to sit on the bench.

Wilmer Cresanto faces his former team now in a marathon shirt. Pictures of Neptally Romero

Diego Vásquez’s penalty arose in the final of the league he lost to Olympia where the referee claimed because the balls did not pass and he was expelled. He was playing a match against UPNFM, but since he was giving directions from the penalty area, they added another game.

Watch. I followed a live broadcast of the marathon match against Motagua

It is only the second time for the Clausura Championship, and Motagua wins the minimum with a goal scored by Paraguay Roberto Moreira Aldana in 39 minutes of the first half.

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