Jurgen Klopp describes Liverpool’s performance as “90 per cent positive” despite Everton’s 2-0 defeat | football news

Jurgen Klopp describes Liverpool’s performance as “90 per cent positive” despite Everton’s 2-0 defeat |  football news

Jurgen Klopp was frustrated by Liverpool’s inability to score after a performance he described as a “positive 90 per cent” in the defeat to Everton.

Everton ended their 22-year wait for the Merseyside derby at Anfield with a 2–0 win, putting Liverpool in their worst season in the league in nearly a century.

The win, their first win in 23 derby, saw Everton draw with 40 points against their sixth-placed hosts and with a game in hand.

The last time Liverpool lost four consecutive league games at home was in 1923. Klopp saw his team failing to score at Anfield for the fourth time in the last five games with Jimmy Carragher in particular over Liverpool’s attacking players, saying, “They’ve got it all.” They deserved.

Klopp said Sky Sports: “The first goal we had to defend better gave direction to the match. It was not necessary.

“There were a lot of good football moments so we did really well from a creative point of view but we had to watch the game and we weren’t quiet enough.


Free Watch: Highlights from Everton’s victory over Liverpool in the Premier League.

“ Everton defended deeply and full of passion but there were moments when we were completely free in the penalty area but we weren’t over.

“In the second half we changed the way of playing a little bit because we wanted to cause them more problems. Immediately we had big chances. Sadio. [Mane] Twice in the box and bobby [Firmino] He was twice in promising positions, so we’ve all had these moments.

“ The penalty kick is late and wasn’t really decisive so we don’t have to talk about that much.

“We could talk about this for an hour in detail and you would realize that what you were talking about would be 90 percent but 10 percent wasn’t like that and we have to change 10 percent because it makes the difference wise.

“We are standing here after we lost 2-0. I know how important that is. We feel it deep down. But starting tomorrow, I have to use all the good things. These good postures are a guarantee that we can change them but the crucial thing is moments we have to change them as well.” .

Ancelotti pays tribute to the Everton spirit


Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti said he was really happy for the club and its supporters after Everton beat Liverpool at Anfield for the first time this century with their 2-0 win in the Premier League.

Everton coach Ancelotti has now beaten Liverpool in his coaching career with five different clubs: Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Napoli and now Everton.

“I’m really happy,” said Ancelotti.

“What it means, this victory, is that we can compete. Using our quality which is not as technical as Liverpool, but we have a strong spirit during this period and our faith is improving.”

“ The performance was good, it was tough, but the team spirit was good.

“We did compete really well and were on top. We didn’t have a lot of opportunities but the opportunities we had were able to turn it around really well.

“We worked really hard in defense. Jordan Pickford and the full back were really good. Then we were up front with James and Richarlison.”

Wijnaldum and Salah, Pennsylvania
Liverpool have failed to score at Anfield in four of their last five matches

Analysis: Liverpool’s problems deepen

Nick Wright from Sky Sports:

Liverpool dominated the ball and territory but the lack of supremacy at Anfield was striking.

Their only meaningful chances came in the initial period of long-range endeavors and when they found themselves in more dangerous situations after the break, the final touch was distressing.

Carragher summed it up. He said: “Despite Liverpool controlling the ball, it doesn’t mean anything if you do nothing.” “This is a big problem for the Liverpool team at the moment.

“We are constantly talking about Virgil van Dijk and the problems with defense but very rarely when you see Liverpool play now, do you expect them to score a goal?”

“Going forward is as big a problem as what we see defensively from Liverpool now.”

The lack of composure in front of goal summed up Firmino, who was blasted horribly when he presented with a clear vision of the goal on the edge of the Everton square area in the 73rd minute, then pulling another attempt broadly in the final minutes.

Jordan Pickford deserves credit for his performance on goal, of course, but Firmino wasn’t the only one missing out.

Mane was well positioned to score on more than one occasion, and Salah’s wasted singles in the second half was a big moment as well.

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