Dina Castellanos leads Venezuela to a 1-0 win over Uruguay

Dina Castellanos leads Venezuela to a 1-0 win over Uruguay
America's Cup, Dina Castellanos
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With a free kick goal, star Dina Castellanos led Venezuela to a 1-0 victory over Uruguay in her first appearance in America’s Cup for Women Disputed in Colombia.

At the Centennial Stadium in Armenia, Castellanos (77) broke goalkeeper Sofia Oliveira’s goal with a powerful shot that hit the crossbar and then swelled into the net.

The new Manchester City player was the first match figure for Group B in the tournament held on the coffee grounds.

His 90-minute plays impressed the Venezuelan fans who watched the match.

Dina Castellanos, Venezuela
Graph: sofascore

Castellanos chased after Oliveira’s goal with speed and force, realizing the skills that piqued the interest of the ambitious English side.

Although in the first half she did not find good partnerships with her two attacking partners Oriana Altov and Issaoora Fieso, coach Pamela Conte solved the problems in the second half by introducing Mariana Spekemayer.

Dina Castellanos is a prominent figure in the party

On the light blue side, DT Ariel Longo saw his goalkeeper as the most outstanding in the team, given the lack of ideas from the attackers.

It will be an uphill road for Uruguay, which, like Venezuela, has never played in the Women’s Copa América final and therefore has not qualified for the Women’s World Cup.

Group B also consists of the only two teams to have won the eight editions of the tournament: Brazil (7) and Argentina (1), who will later play a new version of the South American Super Classic.

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At the next date, Uruguay will face the Brazilian national team, while Venezuela will rest.

The Copa America runner-up qualifies for the Women’s World Cup finals scheduled for next year in New Zealand and Australia, and for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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