Diosdado Cabello “silenced” influential Irele Gomes

Diosdado Cabello “silenced” influential Irele Gomes

“Turn on notifications.” That’s the notice Erail Gomez gave to the roughly 2.6 million followers of the Instagram account to learn about a complaint that exposed a person or company with photos, full names, screenshots of their network accounts and conversations. Screen.

Although CIt started with complaints of abuse of women and children, then cases of alleged doctors or medical malpractice. This led to him gaining thousands of admirers as, after one term, the regime’s lawyer Tarek William Saab hired prosecutors and demanded that the arrest be made in a country with over 92 percent impunity.

Along with reporting the alleged aggressor, the victims were also exposed, and for many this was the only way to get justice. They sent Israel videos along with the testimonies, evidence and audios he released, which immediately went viral.

He couldn’t question Eirell on his behavior as he hunted for comments. He searched the user’s profile and exposed her photos and information, such as a case where a woman criticized him for “exposing too much” of her daughter with anchor Kerley Ruiz. She published in her stories how the woman’s husband apologized.

That media power led him to create a platform called “distributed journalism,” which he claims goes “where no one else goes.” and broadcast files and documents from government agencies.

It led to the hospitalization of singer Chino Miranda, arrests, accurate data and a media event involving going to a place without his mother’s permission.

But the self-styled “crisis manager” took a turn in demeanor on May 30, the day he denounced a “division” according to his magazine, which promoted abortion in Venezuela.

It was a clandestine clinic where they practiced abortions; Despite thousands of requests from movements promoting a debate is a crime in Venezuela, so that abortion is considered in special circumstances and in the hands of professionals who do not risk the life of the woman or the woman.

This time there was a difference in opinions.

It trended on the social networking site Twitter that day, and the comments were about revealing people and the superficial nature of his touch on such a deep topic.

Chavismo’s number two, Deostato Cabello, commented on his Wednesday program Con el Maso Danto: “I saw on the networks… they make an influencer and immediately take police action, what the hell is that? Someone has to act, because one influencer points to one, and points to another, and the creatures immediately act.”

“How is that more important to us than what people think? We’re not here for someone on the network to condemn it, and then you have to do what the influencer says, because that’s their business, it’s not. .

That statement from a frightened Deostato was enough to calm Irrel Gomez. There are no complaints or disclosures about squatters or abusive professionals.

Israel has been accused of being responsible for providing the regime with the exact location of the insurgents in the past Oscar Perez When he was killed, He limits himself to exhibiting photos of his luxuries and model, which today is his emotional partner, Claudia Passeggio.

“Face them, control them, or become one,” says the author of the self-manipulating book, the creator of the formula for spotting manipulators.

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