Disappointing that Angelica Vale is taking so long to return to soap operas

Disappointing that Angelica Vale is taking so long to return to soap operas

Actress and host Angelica Vale as she unveils her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November 2022 (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images).

Almost five years ago, Televisa announced with great fanfare the return of Los Estrellas Angelica Vale. It was not just any artist, but a complete and versatile actress, which she expressed through her forums and youth melodramas (Dreamers, Friends and rivals), Reality shows (Parody) and strings (Privilege to command) is sure to win wherever she participates.

The closest precedent for them is the actress who brought to life the intelligent ‘Leticia Padilla Solís’ in the Mexican version of the popular Colombian soap opera a decade ago. I’m Betty the Ugly. Adapted by Rosie Ocampo under the title Pretty ugly Angelica was equally appreciated and acclaimed with the Khalifa de Oro, TV Novellas 2007, Bravo 2007 and Fama 2008 awards, all in the Best Actress category.

In 2018, Carlos Moreno Laguillo invited her Tomorrow will be another day… and better (Reprint of Chile trust me), but the treatment given to the program wore her down and she decided to take a break His acting career is indefinite.

An actress almost since birth (she first appeared on television in a telenovela at the age of 2 months). A living miracleplayed by his mother Angelica Maria), his artistic career spanning over 40 years included comedy, impersonation, dubbing, conducting and singing.

He developed his career mainly in Televisa, but it was not until 2015 that he signed an exclusive contract with the American network Telemundo, and recently hosted. The best pastry chef Cooking competition series produced by WarnerMedia Latin America Streaming on HBO Max, as well as a radio show on the Cali93.9 station.

He has been living in America for a couple of years. In one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CaliforniaHis next Husband Otto Patron and their children Angelica Maciel and Danigo, aged ten and eight respectively.

She says her love for young children is the main reason she doesn’t plan to return to soap operas for a long time..

When her fans asked her in an online chat when she would return to the soap opera, the actress admitted it because of her records. Tomorrow will be another day… and betterHis children resented his absence.

“I’m a mom who’s with them all day and it’s tough to leave, to be away from home for so long, so many hours, when you’re on a soap opera it’s at least recorded!, Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday is how you really work. , Fifteen hours a day, more or less, twelve hours, and when it happened well, you only had a forum from 9 am to 9 pm, so this is very difficult, the truth is that separate me from my children now Very difficult…”.

His answer presented only part of the reality. While on air on his YouTube channel, Wale also expressed his disappointment as many of his projects appeared on prime time, which was not the case on that occasion. “I go with all the passion in the world to record that and everything Finally they put it on at four in the afternoon, who is going to see me?, no one, not even my mother.“, the comedian is also honest.

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“There I’m going to do a job where I’m leaving my family, I’m leaving my kids, I’m doing everything for the public, so the company puts it on at four o’clock in the afternoon, dare I say it. I’m like, ‘Why? Why don’t they put it on later?'” he said. said on occasion.

Despite this experience, she did not lose hope that in the future she will be able to combine her responsibility as a mother and a soap opera actress. “Yes, time will pass, they (my children) will grow up, they will not want to see me as much, they will not need me as much, I will come back, I promise … Well, they give me a chance!”

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