DJ Adoni does it again: he is starring in “teteo” now in Los Minas and with Bulova

DJ Adoni does it again: he is starring in “teteo” now in Los Minas and with Bulova

After coming out to publicly apologize for the “teteo” in the provinces of Duarte, Hermanas and Mirabal, the Dominican mixer known as DJ Adoni has done it again: now in Los Minas and accompanied by urban singer Bulova.

Last Sunday afternoon, Adoni moved to Los Minas, where hundreds of people accompanied him on board the driveways and engines.

“I’m young. Who is in Los Minas, who? bulovasfamily + Adoniii I went down to the National District and robbed the bad guys for Los Minas #BañoDeBarrio,” was the message from DJ Adoni that attached the video where he is next to the urban artist in two steps, while many surround Persons have to drink pictures with him.

It is reported that Julio Adoni Gross, the real name of Mixer, last July drove a convoy through San Francisco de Macoris, where he planned to record what he calls a “mix”, but everything got out of hand and hundreds of people were given appointments without fear of Covid-19.

After this situation, the public prosecutor summoned the DJ and they reached an agreement that he would take preventive social action against Covid-19.

Likewise, Adoni made a public apology, stating that “everyone knows what his intention is.”

“In order to respect protocols so much, we will leave Covid-19 together and with blessings, everyone knows what my intention was, thank you very much,” he said at the time.

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