The University of California program supports Latinos with an interest in science

The University of California program supports Latinos with an interest in science

A program within California State University Northridge (CSUN) focuses on helping students Latinos are interested in science To successfully finish your university.

The Attract Inspire Mentor Support Program (AIMS2) helps students in CSUN’s College of Engineering and Computer Science transfer Latinos from community colleges. The goal is for them to excel College science subjectsTechnology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

In collaboration with the community colleges of North Los Angeles, the California program is recruiting students from the students moved to put it with a guide, who could be a professor or a researcher.

In addition, students who are eligible to participate receive support from $15 an hour And $17 for mentors per hour.

Ramesh, AIMS2 Program Manager, said he realized the lack of services and Programs targeting Latino students. Therefore, there was not the same performance and equality compared to other ethnic groups.

So he started working with the faculty. single books Suggestion to the Ministry of Education To create AIMS2, a group-based model dedicated to attracting Hispanics.

This includes Minority students, who are receiving financial aid or anyone who needs support to study engineering.

There is support for Latino students interested in science in the California program

CSUN is classified as a file Foundation that helps Hispanics. Currently, two-thirds of students at AIMS2 have Latin roots.

In 2011, the program received its first five-year pay from US Department of Education. The next time was in 2016 and it ended in September.

“I have been very careful in the way we have spent our budget. We can support students in the program until May 2022,” Ramesh said.

AIMS2 serves approximately 150 CSUN students and 300-400 community college students annually. The program has Graduation rate 71% among transferred students and 67% among women.

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For more information about AIMS2Call (818) 677 4742 or visit the website

With information from La Opinion newspaper.

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