Dominic Cummings leaves No. 10 amid claims of conflict with ‘Live’ PM

Dominic Cummings leaves No. 10 amid claims of conflict with ‘Live’ PM

Boris Johnson’s right-hand man Dominic Cummings left Downing Street after a power struggle that rocked the Prime Minister’s administration.

Mr. JohnsonThe senior adviser walked out of No. 10 carrying a large box on Friday evening following a bitter altercation Mr Cummings’ resignation leaves senior Lee Cain As Head of Communications.

Dramatic events set a deadline of December 31 for change, ahead of key Brexit talks with Brussels.

Watford, UK - December 04: Former Downing Street Special Adviser Dominic Cummings (L) and Communications Director Lee Cain (R) attend a press conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the NATO Summit on December 4, 2019 at the Grove Hotel in Watford.  France and the United Kingdom signed the Dunkirk Agreement in 1947 after the WW2 to ensure mutual alliance in the event of an attack by Germany or the Soviet Union.  The Penelox countries joined the treaty, expanding to include North America and Canada in April 1949, followed by Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.  This new military alliance became the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  The organization grew as Greece and Turkey became members, and in 1955 re-armed West Germany was allowed.  This encouraged the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact to define both sides of the Cold War.  This year marks the 70th anniversary of NATO.  (Photo by Adrian Tennis - WPA Pool / Getty Images)
Mr Cummings and Lee Cain (R) are close associates

Sky presenter Sophie Ridge said: “It is unbelievable to think that the Prime Minister has lost two of his most important things in a week – at such an important moment – one step back and could have profound consequences for the future of the UK and Europe. .

“What is clear is that this marks an important moment for Boris Johnson.

“Last week’s battle saw an old guard burn to the ground – we don’t know what will emerge from the ashes.”

Meanwhile, he said there was a “screaming” confrontation between Mr Johnson and Mr Cummings over the ousting of Mr Cain, and that a “brighter” prime minister would prefer both “sooner”.

Some reports suggest Mr Cummings resigned immediately, while others suggest he and Mr Cain will be hired until mid-December.

Many Conservative backbones have urged No. 10 to use this as an opportunity to reclaim many important values ​​within the party.

Senior Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkin said it was time to restore “respect, integrity and trust” to the relationship, elements that were “absent in recent months.”

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The Daily Telegraph reported that tensions were high within No. 10, with Mr Cummings accused the prime minister of making “explanations”.

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Monsters, liars: The battle for power in No. 10

The newspaper told Mr Cummings colleagues that Mr Johnson was “beyond doubt” and that he and Mr Cain had relied on Cabinet Office Minister Michael Cowie for clarity.

It was also suggested that a faction led by Mr Cummings and Mr Cain “outspoken against him” and his fianc மனைவிe Gary Symonds had angered the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth noted the mobilization by the Covit-19 on the NHS and the general public, while “Downing Street is paralyzed by this self-agitating spin doctors’ soap opera”.

James Slack, the prime minister’s official spokesman to replace Mr Cain in the new year, insisted Mr Johnson had not been continuously distracted from the national crisis.

“The focus of the Prime Minister and the government is to take all possible steps to get this country through the corona virus epidemic,” he said.

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