Gunman escapes in Balman’s van after shooting the victim

Gunman escapes in Balman’s van after shooting the victim

A gunman pushes on a ballman before shooting another man in the leg and exits to steal his van.

Daniel Evans, of Circle Street, Walton, October 14, 2019 In the early hours of the morning, after shooting in a row with a woman.

Evans is described as the “most dangerous man” who ever committed a “terrible crime.”

The 25-year-old assaulted the woman’s brother after helping his sister leave Evans’ home on Denpick Drive in Winsford, Cheshire.

Shortly afterwards, Evans returned to the property and shot and killed his 26-year-old brother in Winsford. Cheshire Live reports.

The bullet crossed the victim’s calf and rested on a door handle.

Evans left the address before being pushed over by a ballman and fled the scene in his refrigerated van.

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The man who was shot was taken to Leighton Hospital in an ambulance.

He was discharged the next day after being treated for a gunshot wound.

Officers investigating the incidents identified Evans as the culprit.

He was arrested in Liverpool on Saturday, December 7 last year.

After refusing to answer any questions in custody, Evans was charged with causing serious physical harm, possessing a firearm with the intent to endanger life, and threatening to beat up a witness in connection with the siblings.

He was also charged with taking a motor vehicle without permission, assaulting a milkman and causing him real physical harm in connection with the theft of an air-conditioned van.

Evans admitted to taking the refrigerated van without permission, but pleaded not guilty to all other charges.

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Following a four-day trial in Chester Crown Court, an arbitrator sentenced GPH and the firing squad to death.

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Evans was not guilty of assaulting the woman.

Paulman was ordered to lie in the assault charge file and the intimidation of the witness accused was stopped on the judge’s instruction.

Evans was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with 15 years in prison and a five-year license.

Chief Investigator Simon Draco said: “I promise all the officers and detectives in the Norwich local police force involved in this complex investigation to defend their hard work and charges and bring Daniel Evans to justice.

“The officer in charge of this case, Detective Constable Kelly Mitchell, is particularly commendable for his attention and determination.

“Evans’ horrific actions in the early hours of Monday, October 14, 2019 prove that he is a very dangerous man.

“Evans approached a potential gunman and showed that he was willing to do serious harm to others.

“When convicting Evans in Liverpool Crown Court, Judge Nicholas Woodward described him as a‘ dangerous ’man with a‘ history of committing criminal offenses ’.

“It is inevitable that a significant amount of harm will be done to the victims in such cases,” he said, adding that “the impact of such crimes will be long lasting.”

“Fortunately, the man who shot Evans has recovered physically from his injuries.

“As the judge said, it is only‘ for good luck ’that he has not yet sustained a serious injury.

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“The consequences of the shooting incident could have been much worse.”

Evans stole a refrigerated van on Cladstone Street in Winsford.

It was recovered on the city’s Station Road a few days after the shooting.

Investigations are ongoing in an attempt to find the handgun he used.

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