Donald Trump promises Cuban dictatorship would not have lasted if he had been president

Donald Trump promises Cuban dictatorship would not have lasted if he had been president
Former US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has pledged to hispanic network Telemundo What His second term could not have lasted because of the sanctions imposed on him by the Cuban regime.

“I think they can’t last much longer because I did sanctions, I did a lot of things you know, and now you feel brave.”, Revealed the Republican to the channel Telemundo51.

During his four-year tenure Trump attacked the Cuban regime with travel restrictions and trade restrictions on those negotiating with companies affiliated with the Cuban military.

The current U.S. government announced on Monday that it would re-authorize remittances to Cuba and examine the transfer of diplomats to the island., Two actions by the President Joe Biden His predecessor Donald Trump (2017-2021) will reverse the results.

These are the actions decided by Biden Continue to explore the struggles in Cuba July 11, as described to agencies, is the largest in decades EFE, Andhra Y Reuters White House officials.

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

Officials’ comments further indicate that Biden does not want to soften Washington’s attitude after his predecessor, Donald Trump., Will turn a historic event with former President Barack Obama’s Havana, and that too The recent riots will have a significant impact on any policy change.

In the set of activities Demonstrates the creation of a “remittance task force” aimed at identifying the most effective way for money to “reach the hands of the Cuban people”..

Meanwhile, the Deported Human Rights Commission Cubelex, Reveals who created the list of prisoners he updates every day More than 500 Cubans were arrested during or after the struggles against the Castro dictatorship. Many of those prisoners were missing, According to their relatives.

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Cubans post photos of people they say they can’t find or share stories of arrests. In the “Missing #SOSCuba” Facebook group with over 10,000 members.

“We went from police station to police station in search of her,” he said. Alberto Bettencourt About his sister, the mother of two arrested at a protest in Havana. “They will not let me talkHe told the agency Reuters, Stops the tears. “But she is not a criminal. He was taken away by the crowd“, He pointed out.

The Republican Party, which was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden in last November’s election, said, “Most of the work we have done for Cuba and the freedom of the people will be carried under the table by the Biden administration.”

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