Shino Miranda, alive to tell the tale, reappears fully recovered and testifies: “The sun will always shine.”

Shino Miranda, alive to tell the tale, reappears fully recovered and testifies: “The sun will always shine.”

Shino Miranda has been hit hard by the virus. It could have paralyzed him. However, he did not give up. killer. and won. Or at least it reappears and is already fully recovered on social networks and with the testimony of life: “The sun will always shine.”

In September 2020, I learned of a strange illness that paralyzed him.

The Venezuelan singer-songwriter contracted the Covid virus in March 2020, causing him paralysis and severe pain.

Jesus “Chino” told Miranda, his real name, Wednesday night that he had encephalitis, or encephalitis.

“It was a difficult moment, I was suffering from severe depression and great sadness,” he said in a video posted on social media.

Then he added, “When I got home, I had to learn to shower, and do everything again and I really felt really bad.”

His wife, Natasha Araus, said in previous interviews, during the illness, that the artist “succumbed to very serious diseases, and the oxygen decreased a lot.”

“It hit him so hard, he was in so much pain all over his body, he wanted to lie down,” she told People en Español in December.

Soon after recovering from the usual symptoms, he began to have problems with his extremities.

The artist explained at the end of last year, “I began to feel discomfort in my toes, then numbness and then I began to feel numbness and severe pain in my legs,” saying that his health condition continued to deteriorate until he was paralyzed.

Chyno admitted that he feared the worst. Imagine, in a bed, without walking; He explained that the first thing I thought was my career was over.”

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“We went to the neurologist and he told us he had neuropathy so advanced that he couldn’t walk,” Araus said after several medical visits.

In addition to paralysis, Shino experienced painful contractions that his wife said occur every 15 minutes.

One of his worst torture moments was when he fell out of bed with one of these convulsions and was practically unable to move and had to be taken to hospital and subjected to an intensive regimen of physical rehabilitation.

The doctor’s diagnosis was that as a result of COVID-19 there was a compromise in the nervous system that turned into peripheral neuropathy. The doctor told us that the virus affects different situations. They told us it could happen to anyone. It is not hereditary. And the artist’s wife added, “Covid-19 provoked this waiver of the nervous system.”

For this Thursday, it was announced that he will participate with Nacho, with whom he was part of the duo Chyno and Nacho, in the Youth Awards to be presented by Univisión.

Chyno Miranda is one of many famous Latin artists who have revealed that they have the disease.

The list includes J Balvin, Karol G, Prince Royce, Pablo Alborán, Camila Sodi, Antonio Banderas, Llane and many more.

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