Donna should leave the show, as per ‘Black Ink Crew’ fans, after making hurtful snide comments

Donna should leave the show, as per ‘Black Ink Crew’ fans, after making hurtful snide comments

As Season 9 proceeds, it just becomes apparent that Donna has produced a dilemma for the crew. Due to COVID-19 rules, the New York team has temporarily relocated to Atlanta. Everyone is adjusting to the “Hotlanta” hospitality and tattoo scene, which has disrupted Donna’s connection with several of the cast members. Tatiana and Ceaser Emanuel have already had verbal and near-physical altercations with Donna. She now appears to be in hot water with Young Bae. Donna’s time on the programme may be coming to an end shortly after she made terrible, vile anti-Asian insults, according to fans. Young Bae is Korean, as you may know if you’ve seen Black Ink Crew: New York.

Then you would suspect, the escalation in hate and bigotry leveled against Asian people as a result of the coronavirus has taken its toll on graffiti artists. Young Bae notes in the series, “I don’t feel safe being here, especially with my son.” “I’m trying to be a rock for Niko, but it’s impossible.” This year’s COVID-19 has elicited a great deal of anti-Asian sentiment.” Donna made comments about the shooting at an Atlanta beauty salon that slaughtered eight Asian women, whom Tatiana showed Young Bae and Ted. And her remark is also what you’d expected.

“Can you tell me what she said?” Tatiana is asked about Donna’s Instagram comment about the series by Young Bae. Tatiana tells Young Bae, “She said they jerked him off too lovely bloke.” “It’s not hilarious. Young Bae tells Tatiana and Ted, “You know she’s seen it.” People will stroll into a motherf king tattoo studio and ask for a massage and happy endings, she claimed. Look at her, she’s cracking the same jokes that these jerks make about me. To be honest, I’m in a lot of pain.” Given Donna’s absence from the team, it’s safe to assume she and Young Bae will have an awkward conversation when they reunite on the show. Donna’s desire to delay piercing in Season 9, Episode 1 surprised everyone.

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After all, Donna’s career on the episode aired with an apprenticeship, which led to her own clientele. Fans believe she shouldn’t be on the show any longer, much alone continue to work in the shop. Many people would say Donna will not be on the show not because she’s a tattoo artist. Not to nothing, she’s been getting into fights with the rest of the cast. Considering Donna’s heated spat with the executive producers on Season 9, Episode 7, many believe it’s time for her to exit. “This should be Donna’s final episode. On Twitter, a fan said, “She’s doing way too much.” “Donna doesn’t require Black Ink, yet she won’t leave. On Twitter, another user said, “Make it make sense.”

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