‘We dove in headfirst,’ says Shailene Woodley of her ‘quick’ move in with Aaron Rodgers.

‘We dove in headfirst,’ says Shailene Woodley of her ‘quick’ move in with Aaron Rodgers.

Shailene Woodley states she and Aaron Rodgers went into their relationship “headfirst.” When they first started dating during the COVID-19 outbreak, Woodley, who disclosed her engagement to the NFL star in February, said the couple “immediately” moved in together. “Because it’s a pandemic and you can’t just catch a flight and travel back and forth on weekends,” she said in an interview with Shape Monday, “starting a relationship where you immediately move in with someone taught us a lot about one another very quickly.” The unusual dating tactic, however, according to Woodley, 29, let the couple get “some of the brown stuff out of the way early.”


They’re meant to be together, according to the actress. “I had the thought that I would have met Aaron in any environment, at any particular moment in time,” she continued. Woodley said she was isolated alone with her pets for the first three months and didn’t see anyone. Yet, that changed a few months later when she moved in with Rodgers in Montreal, where she was filming a new project. Rodgers was busy preparing for his own duties as a guest host of “Jeopardy!” while Woodley was working (which aired in April). “I’m not comfortable with him as a football player. He’s the nerd who wants to host ‘Jeopardy!’ I know him as. 

That’s the guy I’m worrying about “In February, Woodley commented on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Also she added to her words that, I never dreamt I’d be engaged to someone else who made a job flinging balls. In February, while getting the 2020 NFL MVP award, Rodgers, 37, confirmed his engagements. He offered just one special respect to his fiancée, but he didn’t say where she was and. Several weeks later, during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Woodley confirmed her engagement to Rodgers. On February 22, Woodley told Fallon, “Yes, we’re engaged.”

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But, you know, it’s not shocking news for us. As an outcome, it’s interesting. Everyone is freaking out over it right now, and we’re just like, Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a long time. Also many news are been revolving around the couple for many interesting news. You can search her name with her companion which is intended for the people to know better than before. Some of the news is revealed by Shailene Woodley to  the press reporters and also to the social media pages like facebook and instagram. Her personal accounts are being followed by many people for different reasons and one of them is hot news. 

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