DR celebrates the 211th anniversary of the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte – El Nacional

DR celebrates the 211th anniversary of the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte – El Nacional

Santo Domingo: Today, January 26, we commemorate the 211th anniversary of the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte, the founding father of the Dominican Republic, thus beginning the Fatherland Month, which includes various national events and activities.

Juan Pablo Duarte, considered the theorist of the independence of the Dominican Republic, according to Deartiano Institute.

Duarte was the second male of 11 children born to Spanish merchant Juan José Duarte Rodríguez and Sebana Manuela Diez Jiménez.

When she was only 25 years old, she founded the secret society La Trinitaria, a movement in which men and women of common principles would come together to achieve the final secession of Haiti.

In addition to La Trinitaria, he also formed the movements La Filantropica and La Dramática, through which, based on sacrifices and will, he was able to instill patriotism and fighting spirit in the people.

Due to his independence ideology, Duarte is known as an authority for the brave and committed youth who fought until national independence was achieved on February 27, 1844.

Although after independence was achieved, it was believed that things would go better, Duarte had to face the ambitions of those protectorates that asked for support from world powers, and in August 1844, he was banished forever along with some of his companions to fate. To Hamburg, Germany.

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He was absent for almost 20 years, and returned to the country to participate in the reconquest struggle that began in 1863 as a result of the annexation of Spain promoted by Pedro Santana, but he was exiled again, but to Venezuela, which many historians consider an “exiled” diplomat since he was Sent there as ambassador plenipotentiary.

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There he died at the age of 63 in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 15, 1876 of pulmonary consumption.

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Homeland Month

This Friday morning, the President Louis Abinader The national dates will be officially opened from the province of Duarte, in San Francisco de Macorís.

President Louis Abinader

The head of the Permanent Committee for National Calendars, Juan Pablo Uribe, confirmed that “Patriotic Month extends until March 9, to include the birth of the hero and martyr Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, which he forms with Ramon Matías Mella.” The amazing and official sexual trilogy.

The celebration of the 211th anniversary of Duarte's birth began at 8:00 a.m. with a solemn civil-military ceremony in Duarte Park, followed by a Mass of the Blessed Sacrament in the Santa Ana Cathedral and beginning at 10:00 a.m., President Luis Abinader will begin the opening of Fatherland Month with a student patriotic parade. And military, under the slogan “Fight the Dominicans, the resisting Dominicans, always the Dominicans.”

Uribe called on citizens, without party, religious or electoral distinction, to organize, celebrate and participate in the civic spirit of Fatherland Month, in a complex global moment for national sovereignty, territorial integrity and Dominican identity.

Activity programme
Friday 26 January
8:00 AM • Raising the national flags
With an interpretation of the national anthem by a musical band
Army of the Dominican Republic.

  • Read today's order.
  • Military preference for Colonel Socrates
    Suazo, ERD, Director of History, Department of Defense.
  • Deposits of flower offers by various institutions.
  • Touch progress.
    Location: Juan Pablo Duarte Statue, Duarte Park.
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9:00 AM • Tedium presided over by Monsignor Ramon Alfredo de la Cruz Baldeira. bishop
Diocese of San Francisco de Macorís.
Location: Santa Ana Cathedral

10:00 AM National Opening of the Patriotic Month, headed by the President of the Republic
The Republic of Louis Abinader, which includes a national, military and student parade.
Location: Duarte Park, 27 de Febrero Street.


Although this Friday is considered a holiday and therefore not a working day, Ministry of Labor He reiterated to the entire business and working community of the country that today, Juan Pablo Duarte Day, the work is done and the holiday has been changed to Monday, the 29th of the same month. Hence preferring a long weekend this January.

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