Dr. Nelson Perez, recipient of the 2021 National Scholar Award

Dr. Nelson Perez, recipient of the 2021 National Scholar Award

Eddie Nelson Perez thenHe is a doctor in the field of medical research, and is the recipient of the fourth edition of the award Scholar for the homeland 2021In recognition of the most prominent specialists in science, technology and innovation presented by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (musket).

The President of Mescyt, Franklin García Fermin and Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Gennaro Rodriguez, presented the honor to Perez and then during a ceremony on Monday at a hotel in Santo Domingo, where other scientific research professionals were also honored.

Pérez then, who is the current director of Adviser to the College of Medicine and Public Health at O&M University about COVID-19He was awarded the prize unanimously by the jury. In addition to parchment, the check is made with 700 million rubles

Among the contributions of the doctor, more than 30 years in research, What is your study on it? HIV infection and AIDS. Among the most recent studies, he was distinguished by his participation in the study released by the government in cooperation with Yale University, on the effectiveness of the third dose against COVID-19, the last vaccine on the agenda. to know.

In addition, Perez next serves as Director of the Center for Research in Global Health and Biotechnology and President of the Two Oceans in Health research firm.

He holds a doctorate in medicine, par excellence , He received his Ph.D. from Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University (Unphu) in 1992 and his Master of Public Health from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) in 1996.

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In 2016, he was among the 38 nominees for the Man and Woman of the Year award from Free magazine.

The other winners

In addition, Mescyt has awarded specialists from other fields, such as the Physical and Chemical Sciences, Dr. Máximo Jesús Santana de Así; José Attilio de Frias García and Guiberto Bueno Lopez has been recognized in the biological, environmental and molecular biology sciences.

In Health Sciences, Dr. Amado Alejandro Paez Hernandez was honored; Esteban Prieto Vicioso and Víctor Manuel González Holguín are awarded in engineering fields, including computational engineering, and related and emerging fields.

More than 1100 researchers

García Fermin, Minister of Higher Education, confirmed that by integrating 110 specialists in the national research cycle in science, technology and innovation, they amount to more than 1,113.

García Fermín noted that the research budget increased from 228 million Singapore dollars to 338 million Saudi riyals to fund projects in the Dominican Republic through the National Fund for Innovation, Scientific and Technological Development (Fondocyt).

New scholars are willing to join the various projects developed by the universities, primarily research projects through Fondocyt.

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