Sergio Mayer mocks the feud with Siriani but accepts that he has a sentence in the United States

Sergio Mayer mocks the feud with Siriani but accepts that he has a sentence in the United States

After the weekend, the host of Gossip No Like, Javier Siriani and Sergio Mayer He had a discussion at an event in the US because Mayer did not stop answering Siriani in his questions about the controversial book by Annabel Hernandez, Sergio Mayer spoke about it.

It was upon his arrival in Mexico City that Sergio spoke about what happened, after Siriani accused him of assault and videos were shown online about it, so Call the police and ask for arrest Isabella’s husband Camille.

Sergio laughed at the situation, although before that yes got a penalty by policeman Who was waiting for him outside the place, “The police said to me, ‘Hey, we have to do this, it’s a procedure’ and Yes they did there is a ticket topicI showed.

He also showed the best humor in the situation, because he said that he even took pictures with the policemen who punished him, “They imagined me (hiding)” Oh, here’s the police “, of course not, let’s see, we took a picture, I swear we took a pictureHe noted, which provoked correspondents laughter.

Sergio Mayer also said that if the punishment imposed by the police reached a greater number of cases due to the journalist’s accusations, Willing to appear before a judgeAnd “If we’re going with a judge, I would, they don’t really know… I hope, I think the judge has to evaluate the elements and he has to decide whether or not I’m going, because I’m going to say something about them, in California, false statements, or accusing someone In falsehood, he deserves imprisonment, he said that I attacked him and that I was beaten and that I was in his country.”commented.

This is how Sergio Mayer said what happened:

Finally, Sergio continued to mock what had happened and said, “He was already there teasing me, he was ready and suddenly when I’m leaving, when I see him here (nearby) I thought it was Shanick BermanIn fact, I was going to give him a kiss and later when (he spoke) I said, “Ah, no, not Shank,” but it happened! I walk and he grabs my back, he pushes me and makes me like this (touches his finger on his back) twice and I didn’t want to (talk to him), he says I have to, and you know it’s no, it’s not my duty… and less of those issues, if it’s not required by an authority , however I have always encountered and I always give my face, is done.


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