Duck company | Total basketball

Duck company |  Total basketball

The game started inaccurate, they both went out to the man and played very physically, but it was the beach player who made the correction in relation to the previous game because it was more difficult. In attack he was determined to put the ball on with Fuller and Watchman. For his part, the local had a great era from post-6.75 with Rod as a person and charted Six (12-6). Malvin added two grenades to paint, Coelho grew up and won 7-0, but first boy went to Bigua with a duo of Sims roughly, 17-15.

Those led by the Laginestra started the second boy better, and Simms decidedly grew and opened seven, 22-15. Caminha coped in his defense with Fausto Pomoli, who knocked Rod out of the match while Coelho with his hot hand brought his team close to nobody. When the members of Avenida Legrand focused on defense, the best of it was seen, the problem is that Bigua has many scoring methods and joined by Sims, Rod and Vidal by Alex Lopez who placed two hellish bombs, Nawras did not find clarity in the closure and this led to a rise in the number of members Team Villa Biarritz 41-33.

For the long break comeback, Biguá set the tone for the game with court rounds, good ball movement, and impressive team-level contributions, Rudd, Passos, Simms and Loriente’s trio appeared and had a maximum of 14 (51-37) that prompted Camiña to request one minute. What better way to resume actions as his managers did, with good contributions from Santiso, but mainly with a great job from Fuller to put in the 13-3 part that got four (54-50). Laginestra was the one who needed time to correct, when Pena García came back himself, he was the calves in Pato, but Pitu didn’t give his arm to wrap his face position for Malvin who only dropped three points, 61-58.

The last ten minutes opened with a hat-trick from Sansimone added by a goal and foul from Fuller and they went 64-61. The meeting became variable, and the two took turns on the scoreboard as it is from Simms’ hand that the duckling had regained the advantage, after Kiril’s transformation had passed the shore and parity prevailed in the game’s rectangle. Triple show lived the last two minutes, Sansimone to equalize, at reloading Rod answered and as if that wasn’t enough, Coelho tied again, plus two freebies by Sansimone gave Malvin an income of 79-77. In the end everything was so mixed, Pepo matched it with a tray. For their part, the free players played their match, Pomolie got both of them and the latest disagreements, and Rudd drew, Kirill had the match between his hands and both failed. It was the last for Sims who took three times from distance, missed the goal and scored 81 for each team they went on to prolong.

It opened with the Santiso multiplier for Malvin, but since then everything has been from Bigua with a valuable contribution from Rojas with free games and base transform added to the hierarchy and the Simms class quickly breaks the balance in Pato’s favor. Every time Malvin tried to come close and respond, Donald appeared, the figure who tipped the balance in favor of Bigua in the final score from 102-94 and in this way sealed the crossing to the semi-finals.

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