Duel of the Titans: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos criticize each other for space projects

Duel of the Titans: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos criticize each other for space projects

San Francisco, United States

Jeff Bezos and Elon MuskThe two richest people in the world exchanged criticism on Tuesday for their projects for Providing internet through satellites. Both plans are under evaluation by the authorities.

Bezos, Founder of Amazon And the space company Blue origin Who is progressing in the “Project Kuiper”, issued a statement confirming that the competitor to the project musk And your company SpaceX – “Starlink”Seeks design changes that “may create a more hazardous collision environment in space” and generate greater radio interference.

The $ 10 billion Kuiper project will be able to provide internet from space and it has already secured a permit from US government To install 3,000 satellites in low orbit.

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SpaceX It has deployed small satellites to form the global broadband system and is asking the authorities for permission to place them in low orbits, which matters. Amazon.

Despite what SpaceX publishes TwitterBezos added that the changes proposed by SpaceX would stifle competition between satellite systems, confirming his objections to the authorities.

“Obviously an interest SpaceX To stifle competition in its infancy if that is possible, but that is certainly not in the public interest. “

Musk, for his part, responded by guaranteeing that his project.Starlink ” It is progressing faster than its competitor.

“Today’s Starlink comment does not serve the public in favor Amazon satellite system It is, in the best case scenario, after several years of start-up. “

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SpaceX said in a letter to Federal Communications Commission Changes in orbits would not interfere with their competitors. Musk launched a Falcon 9 Star missile with a payload of 143 satellites.

The scientific community has expressed concern about the number of objects that are accumulating in space around Earth.

SpaceX claims its satellites are designed to catch fire upon re-entry into the atmosphere after several years of service.

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