Tala confirms that her grandfather spends the whole night screaming in pain: a photo

Tala confirms that her grandfather spends the whole night screaming in pain: a photo

Grandmother of beautiful singer Tala is the cover of Vogue magazine Eva MonkI lived a horror story because of the abuse I was subjected to The house They paid according to the best care, but were only victims of abuse.

Although the topic has been known for a few weeks now, wife Tommy Mutola She broke the silence and begged for Duaa to take care of what she really deserves, plus Report abuse Whose topic was.

Older adults are a little better, after her granddaughters watched her health, but according to the translated post “Amor a la Mexicana”, Doaa Eva He passed several moments of pain after they did not give him his medication and the aforementioned institution did not give them a clear answer.

“I don’t understand why this is in Elderly people livingThey didn’t give my grandmother the medications last night, and they don’t realize that she feels bad, and she spent the whole night screaming in pain, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Here is the picture:

Criticism rained down on him

distance Laura Zapata The beautiful singer exposed her grandmother’s case, and she received support from some fans, but most of the comments say that they must take care of the lady.

Well, since not being at home, they just don’t love her enough, or at least that’s what the followers think, these were the reasons her grandmother lived this horror story.

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