During a press conference, the TSE began to allow action against Bukel for campaigning

During a press conference, the TSE began to allow action against Bukel for campaigning

The body assesses that new ideas during the election silence violate the art of Presidential Election Code 175 by soliciting votes for the party.

In this case, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (DSE) initiated a new approval process against President Naib Bukel for violating Section 175 of the Electoral Code.

The site article establishes that no political campaign can be carried out in favor of any party in the three days leading up to the election, while the election process took place.

Precautionary measures were issued by the DSE due to a press conference called and held by Bukel this Sunday afternoon, in which he also asked for votes for the ruling party, New Ideas, under the slogan “auction action”.

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The DSE estimates that the president’s conference could affect the outcome of the popular vote, while reiterating that Buchael avoids broadcasting seats, broadcasting videos or holding press conferences during the election event.

Through these precautionary measures, the TSE seeks to guarantee the principle of equality in electoral competition, the mandate for neutrality in state organs, and free elections.

This approval procedure is in addition to plans already in place by the DSE against various government agencies, officials and candidates of the new Ideas Party for violating different articles of the Electoral Code and the law of political parties.

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