During the training period, Flavio Mendoza spoke about his health: “My biggest concern is Carmen Barberry.”

During the training period, Flavio Mendoza spoke about his health: “My biggest concern is Carmen Barberry.”

From Los Arcos Sanatorium From the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, where it is located He has been hospitalized due to the Coronavirus, Flavio Mendoza He posted a post on social media to tell his followers what he is like today. Influenced by the expressions of affection received in recent days the choreographer He confirmed he is better but is very concerned about Carmen Barberry, Her colleague in Bury awakening.

Sorry, I cannot reply to all messages. There are moments when I can’t move from a fever, but I’m getting better, little by little, “the dancer wrote.

Thank you for much love and good energy. My biggest worry is Carmen, every day I think about her, my son, and pray to God we all be better. ”Take care of yourselves, he hit me hard and Carmen was worse. This virus is no joke. If you have and do not feel bad then this is a blessing, but you think you can transmit the infection to someone who is going through a bad time. “

In conclusion, Mendoza asked his followers to take all possible measures to avoid contagion. “Let’s think about each other, let’s take care of each other. Obviously, we must work to be able to live, but with conscience and care please.”

This is not the first time that Flavio has wished for a speedy improvement to Barbieri, as he is accepted into the intensive treatment at the Zabala Clinic for respiratory complications caused by the Coronavirus. Two days ago he shared a video in which Carmen took a series of promotional photos. Along with these photos, the producer wrote: “God cares about us and we can laugh again soon. Carmen Fors, we got out of this together.”

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Before entering the hospital, Flavio had a cross with Barberry when he treated her as an “insolent”, before it was confirmed that she was infected with the Coronavirus. The artist was deeply affected by these words and even threatened to file a lawsuit. But when Barbieri’s health worsened, Flavio was extremely worried. He said he made the comment without knowing that she had been hospitalized, adding: “I will never play with the health of someone I love.”

From the hospital, Mendoza also wrote a letter to his son Donisio, asking for forgiveness for not being able to stand by him these days. “Son, I ask for your forgiveness for not being able to take care of you. You are so young and you don’t know why my dad is not with you. I just want you to know that I love you so much and that you are the only thing that matters to me. My father will become strong to be by your side again. You are surrounded by the love of your aunts. I miss you so much, the choreographer said I fell asleep watching your videos because that’s what comforted me: seeing your smile and your happiness.


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