Earthcore scientists: “We see a new world”

Earthcore scientists: “We see a new world”

Scientists have discovered that the center of the earth is not just solid iron. Photo: iStock

For more than half a century the scientific community believed that the center of the earth was pressed solid iron surrounded by a liquid outer core. However, as the years and scientific advances pass, new things about the planet become known.

In fact, recent research by the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology and the Japan Marine Terrestrial Science and Technology Agency has found that the firmness of the Earth’s core varies from hard metal to semi-smooth and fluid.

According to the ‘Live Science’ portal, one of the researchers, Red Butler, explained that the discovery began after it was realized that the seismic waves created by strong earthquakes traveled through the center of the earth to the other side of the earth, but some did not. By the ‘metal ball’ but distracted.

This discrepancy caused the scientist to worry about matching the data. “When you’re in this business, you have to match the data,” he said at the aforementioned store.

Therefore, the expert and his team reconsidered their view that the Earth’s inner core was completely solid, and found that there were pockets of liquid and soft iron near its surface.

“We see a lot of details within the inner center that we haven’t seen before,” Butler said.

The result they reached was the center of the planet: “It has hard surfaces against cast iron or mild iron. So we see many details inside the inner center that we have never seen before,” the researcher concluded.

According to seismologist Jessica Irving, who did not participate in the research, this type of study allows us to learn more about the Earth and how much more we analyze its center, “We understand that it is not a boring drop of iron. (…) We are discovering a whole new hidden world. , ”He explained in an interview with the special portal LiveScience.

Geophysicists need to rely on data from the Earth’s seismic waves caused by earthquakes to recreate the image of the planet’s internal workings.

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