This is how they punish “rude customers” in a hamburger chain | Video

This is how they punish “rude customers” in a hamburger chain |  Video

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If you go to buy hamburgers or french fries To a famous fast food chain And I was somewhat “rude” to the staff, You better watch this Video that spread very quickly tik tok, because it reveals how Workers “punish” these people.

It’s not coming from McDonald’s may be a file custom NS workers and students groups friends Who want to eat something fast and accessible, so they go to this place, where now education and friendliness Will be ‘Requirements‘ NS It has no “punishment”.

What happens at McDonald’s if you are “rude”?

according to Video What has been done viral en TikTok, Deandre Byars, The author of the video, admit it Fast food chain employees They usually make a file a job Too strange for revenge on clients.

No, this video does not reveal that they spit on food Or put something disgusting in your burger, but instead What they do is “effect the potatoes”.

in a Video from TikTok It turns out that When you are rude to the staff, at the time of Ask for potatoes They don’t start a new one, but They were taking some leftovers And fry it in used oil … very used, It gives the appearance that it is new but the truth is that it is not.

Sometimes McDonald’s employees are being reprimanded, as narrated by TikToker, because Customers ask them to do their job well Why Complain about poor service, a fact that led them to “punish them”.

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It was always rumored that when a fast-food worker is addressed or angry, They often spit on food or throw something with it, A fact that has not been fully proven but a myth that exists; Something similar might happen at McDonald’s But at the moment there is no clear video to prove it.

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