Ecuador activates protocols to protect Venezuelans in the event of xenophobia

Ecuador activates protocols to protect Venezuelans in the event of xenophobia

Quito, December 9 (EFE). – The Ecuadorian government announced, on Saturday, that it has activated protocols to protect Venezuelan citizens from xenophobic acts recently recorded in the Peleliu Canton of Tungurahua Province, located in the Andean region of the country. .

The government, through the Ministries of Women and Human Rights; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, as well as the Ministry of the Interior and Government, “strongly rejected xenophobic acts” against Venezuelans in the case of human movement.

This week, a march was held in Peleliu, in which residents demanded that Venezuelans leave, after a police officer was killed in the middle of a criminal act, in which citizens of that nationality were allegedly involved.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed the Ministry of the Interior, the Office of the Ombudsman and the Office of the State Prosecutor regarding this case, and is in constant contact with United Nations system organizations to report on these events.

The Ministry of Women and Human Rights immediately activated the Comprehensive Protection Service (SP1) in Tungurahua, providing, within its mandate, emergency and psychological support to potential victims.

In addition, it formally requested information from the Peleliu Mayor’s Office on the current state of events and measures taken to avoid possible human rights violations of the migrant population in a vulnerable situation.

The Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the police, addressed the situation that occurred in Peleliu and is following up the case closely with the relevant bodies, such as the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the judicial units responsible for events, and the Ministry of the Interior. The woman said in her statement.

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In addition, the Immigration Control Authority, through the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Immigration, in coordination with the police, will activate immigration controls.

The statement stated that the police monitored and were present during the events that developed around the presence of citizens of Venezuelan nationality in the Palileo Canton to ensure and protect the rights of people, regardless of their nationality.

Likewise, the Ministry of Government is taking immediate action in the region to ensure the security of citizens.

The Ministry of Women and Human Rights noted that the problems raised in Peleliu “refer to specific cases.”

During the Venezuelan diaspora, Ecuador received more than half a million citizens of that nationality. Evie


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