They belt out “Rocks in the Sun” by new Miss Venezuela Ileana Marquez

They belt out “Rocks in the Sun” by new Miss Venezuela Ileana Marquez

After months of hard work, the model and social communicator, Ileana Marquez is the new Miss VenezuelaIt contains Space level of the Lider shopping center in CaracasA venue chosen for the first time by the organization to host a grand event involving grand animation Maite Delgado and José Andrés Padronas well as the participation of former queens Diana Silva, And Stephanie Gutierrez, Mariam Habach, Mariam Velasco And Louise Mattern.

After being crowned on December 7, Garabobena’s life changed forever, not only because of the awards she brought home and the satisfaction of being the new sovereign of beauty, but also because of her exposure to the public, and it remains so. In the last few hours, after an account X He will be responsible for bringing up the alleged actions of the past.

Profile by Thread “Cugalina Ropollo”, He began bombarding the Creole beauty with photos from her past in which she is seen in different situations, leading to false accusations of her early motherhood. Likewise, he posted some pictures of Marquez with a man who is said to be the model’s father. Guadalupe, he brought into the world at the age of 16.

However, in another news, even though the three of them appear to be a family, Miguel Ipolito He will not be the girl’s father, but the man who is having a relationship with Ileana.

But the attacks didn’t end there, as in other ‘tweets’, things turned red after several statements by an anonymous user in which he allegedly romanced the queen with billionaires in the country. A politician was also a candidate among them Kobe, And a few years ago he was accused of “mistreatment of women” after insulting several young women with his stories. Instagram.

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In that sense, “Cugalina Ropollo”, Garabobena was believed to be financed by another businessman who owns a Venezuelan television channel, while his “Sugar Daddy”A working old man “Sponsor”. So far, the academic has not commented on what they say about her, no Miss Venezuela Organization He came out to protect her.

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