Ecuador benefits from qualifying for Qatar 2022 Football | Sports

Ecuador benefits from qualifying for Qatar 2022  Football |  Sports

In the tie, Uruguay is fourth with 9 points, while Peru is ninth with 5 points.


Uruguay, without its historic points Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani, are in the live qualifying zone with a 1-1 draw with Peru in Lima this Thursday for the ninth day of the 2022 South American World Cup.

The Inca team scored at the age of 24 with a Chilean goal from Renato Tobias, but Uruguay equalized five minutes later with a goal from Georgian de Arascada.

In this draw, Uruguay is in fourth place with 9 points, while Peru is in ninth place with 5 points and Qatar appears to be saying goodbye to 2022.

On Sunday, Peru hosts Venezuela and next Thursday it will visit Super-President Brazil in Recife.

Uruguay, meanwhile, will host both Bolivia on Sunday and Ecuador on Thursday at the Campion del Chico Stadium in Montevideo.

Severe grief

At the National Stadium, which has 8,000 fans at the Peru Stadium, a good team started the game with a good win to qualify for a second win.

The Inca team with the 4-2-3-1 system came out to break the solid competition defense. The Incas with Captain Paulo Guerrero and Andre Carrillo pressed the exit from the bottom of the Celeste.

Without their historic goals, the Uruguayan team, along with Maxi Gomez and Brian Rodriguez, did just that for the wings against the Peruvians.

In the stopped balls, Peru pressed hard on Uruguay.

In the 24th minute, Spain’s Zelda de Vigo midfielder, Renato Tobia, scored 1-0 for Peru with a Chile shot after Guerrero’s assist after a Cornic kick.

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With the score against, Uruguay turned to attack.

In the 29th minute, the creator de Ararscada with a left shot from the center of the area scored the equalizer for the Uruguayan team and took advantage of a local defense error.

After the draw, both teams had an intense round fight but did not reach the goals.

“We played a round, but we had to finish, we had to kill in these matches,” Guerrero said after the match.

Solid sky protection

In addition, the Inca team, led by Argentina coach Ricardo Carreca, developed a very serious football and came out determined to break the tie.

But Uruguay defender Nahidan Nandes and Gomez made good use of the band and tried to surprise in the counter-attack.

At 63, Peruvian midfielder Yoshimir Jodon took a left-footed shot and was saved by Fernando Muslera.

Between 66 and 71, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabares made four changes to restore midfield and defend the decision.

By his side, Kareka Wilder put Cartagena and Sergio Pena on the field at the age of 72.

With the changes, the Peruvian team regained power in the attack, but its players found themselves with solid Uruguayan defense.

At 84, Carrillo started a right-footed shot.

At the age of 86, Kareka brought Raul Ruidiaz forward to give the team more attacking power.

In the final minutes of the match, the Peruvians put the Uruguayans on their field, but they did not reach the net. (D)

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