Residents believe that the new association works for the Bukele, not for the people

Residents believe that the new association works for the Bukele, not for the people

Six out of ten of those consulted in the UCA poll believe that the heavenly seat puts the president’s interest first. 64% said they are not affiliated with any political party.

The latest poll conducted by José Simeon Cañas University of Central America (UCA) showed that a majority of Salvadorans consider that the New Ideas deputies in the Legislative Assembly work for the President of the Republic, Neb Bokel, and not to meet the needs of the people. .

According to the poll presented Thursday, residents rate the first 100 days of the ruling assembly at 6.27, but the revealing fact is that 60% of those interviewed believe that the current MPs “work more for their political party than for their political party. These are residents.”

And 61% said the new legislature was working “to help the government, not to improve the situation for Salvadorans.”

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Survey officials explained that the speed with which the association approved the Bitcoin law and the little transparency policy when removing teeth from the Access to Information Act did not impress Salvadorans with the survey results.

In fact, the poll revealed that 9 out of 10 Salvadorans believe that it is “necessary for legislators to study laws in depth and accuracy before approving them.”

In practice, the deputies did the opposite by explicitly addressing the projects sent by the Presidency Council and rejecting those proposed by the opposition.

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The survey also reveals the unequivocal rejection of the more than $2,000 million New Ideas lawmakers approved in just over three months in the House.

The study says that 70% do not believe that this high debt “helps to improve their living conditions or those of their families”.

This situation began to cast a shadow over the authorities. The level of consent granted by residents to the president is 7.64 (out of 10). Although the support is still high, the support has decreased in the first place, and in the second place the support has not been endorsed either by their deputies or by their party,” said Omar Serrano, the university’s vice president for social projection.

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Another notable fact is that the majority of those interviewed do not sympathize with any party, even though more than a quarter of those surveyed chose new ideas and lower proportions for the rest of the parties.

“When we ask what game you like best, the winner will not be one: 64.4 people. We think this is the effect of what is happening in the country. 28.8% said they prefer new ideas, 3.7% over ARENA, 1.4% over FMLN and 1.65% over GANA.

The survey, according to the officials, reveals the differences between the interests of politicians and the needs of the people, judging from the widespread rejection of the bitcoin law that took effect last week.

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“For the first time we find an important disagreement between the population and the decisions taken by the Legislative Council and the President of the Republic, because we all know that the decisions are issued by the Presidency of the Republic, and for this reason the population indicates that the Assembly must study in depth the laws that they pass and the people must know in advance”, sums up the President UCA University, Andrew Oliva.

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The survey was conducted between August 13 and 20, in 14 sections with a sample of 1,281 interviews, with a sampling error of 2.76 and a confidence level of 95%.

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