Ecuador: Ruling party ousts President Moreno

Ecuador: Ruling party ousts President Moreno

Ecuador’s ruling party, Allianza Boss, was ousted on Thursday after President Lennon Moreno and its national director served just two months before the end of his term.

The group had last week opened a disciplinary file alleging violations of the government’s plan and relinquishing the political leadership of the movement, for which Moreno asked the Electoral Council for his resignation or dissatisfaction.

In a statement, Allianza Boss said the national leadership did not accept his resignation and that “as a militant he has decided to be expelled and therefore removed from office (within the party).”

Moreno, who has not yet commented on the decision, will end his term on May 24. He co-founded Allianz Pass 14 years ago with former President Rafael Correa (2007-2017). Now they are both not part of that power.

The political movement became more powerful between 2007 and 2017 when Korea was in power, although he lost prominence after Moreno won, with his candidate winning 1.54% of the vote in the last presidential election.

When he left the Korean government in mid-2017, he immigrated to Belgium, where his wife lives, and despite being sentenced to eight years in prison for corruption, he insisted the charges were due to political persecution.

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