Erwin Tumere: A double ‘miracle’: a survivor of the Chapecoense air tragedy emerges unscathed from an accident that killed 21 people | international

Erwin Tumere: A double ‘miracle’: a survivor of the Chapecoense air tragedy emerges unscathed from an accident that killed 21 people |  international
Erwin Tumiri recovers, in a clinic in Cochabamba, from the blows he suffered in a traffic accident.Jorge Abrejo / EFE

“I don’t feel immortal.“ I’m afraid of everything that has happened, ”says Erwin Tumere. This young Bolivian is a survivor. On November 28, 2016, I was traveling as a crew technician on the next trip LaMia Corporation What or what It crashed from a fuel near Medellin AirportColombia, with the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense. 71 people died, and Tumiri was among the six rescued. A bus crashed at dawn today, Tuesday, on the highway linking Cochabamba to Shimore. 21 people were killed in the accident. Erwin Tommery was in the aisle, and again, he only had a few scratches.

“The bus was speeding, so I felt something was going to happen,” he says. When the car veered off the road and started to fall and hit the mountain, he knew he had to hold out as hard as he could. Tumiere did not think about his previous accident, nor did he have time for it. “I grabbed hard on the seats,” he says. When the bus stopped turning, he managed to get out in a way he couldn’t remember very well. “The other people didn’t go out; I did,” he explains, as if he was apologizing. Four years ago, he also got off the wrecked plane in Colombia. He even helped a flight attendant. Both of them were only surviving crew members.

His LaMia accident story was covered so many times by the media that Tumiri, a few months after it happened, refused to give further interviews. His mother chased after any journalist he wanted to meet. Today Irwin is back in the headlines. Are the two incidents similar to each other at all? Al-Tumairi does not hesitate to say, “No, they were not the same.”

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Toumiri, who today works as a Bolivian government official, says that God saved him. After the Lamia accident, she testified in several churches. “My Father God exists, He is. I ask why, Lord, did you bless me if I was lazy even to read literature and all that. Sometimes when I’m at home I start thinking and questioning things. This moment is not easy to conceive. But thanks to the many friends I had who were with me at the time, I was able to. For me it was a great blessing, “he told his followers in religion in one of these” revivals, “according to journalist Sergio de la Zerda’s account in duty.

“My mom was shattered [en el primer accidente]Now she is calmer, ”he says comforted. He is recovering in Cochabamba surrounded by his sisters and nieces, who forge links with calling journalists from around the world. He will soon return to his job at the Civil Aviation Administration and, like other officials, will have to travel again by air. He still loves to fly .. Had he been born into a wealthy family, he would have undoubtedly been a pilot.

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