Eddie Rinoso notes that Andy Ruiz “does not demystify”

Eddie Rinoso notes that Andy Ruiz “does not demystify”

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Andy Ruiz It has undergone a major change since its entry The Canelo TeamAlthough there are still intact characteristics that do not allow him to exploit his fullest potential, through which the coach Eddie Renoso He pointed out the most outstanding.

With a desire to do so dew Fight close soon, coach Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez Commented that He’ll look like a “different” fighter. The next time I got into the ring, he’s hungry, although I admit Discipline is a subject that needs to be perfected.

Zombies are sometimes not taken from peopleHow naughty he is, but he’s a boy It brings the desire to become a hero againHe has already proven what it means to be on top and also what he will lose. ” TUDN.

‘Andy Ruiz is exceptional’

What is added to these statements Reynoso pointed to Genki boxing Where mentioned “I can give more”, Until you look better than it was Antonoy defeated Joshua To be the first Mexican heavyweight champion, so his goal is to get him to his peak.

The goal is to do things right, So when you fight back, you see the real Andy Ruiz. He is smart and learns quickly. I hope the hunger does not leave Show what you can do. He is an exceptional fighter“, pointed out.

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