Gary Neville asks Manchester United to “walk away” after his rise to the top of the Premier League | football news

Gary Neville asks Manchester United to “walk away” after his rise to the top of the Premier League |  football news

Gary Neville refused to rule out Manchester United from winning the Premier League after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side went up front and encouraged United fans to “drift” ahead of Sunday’s clash with Liverpool.

United’s deserved 1-0 win over Burnley put them three points ahead of champions Liverpool and top the Premier League in 17 matches for the first time since the 2012/13 season in which they won the title under Sir Alex Ferguson.

It marks a stunning turnaround for Manchester United since losing at home to Arsenal in early November, and Sky Sports Neville analyst enjoys the situation – and the completely unexpected scene for United over Liverpool in the league table.

“I don’t think anyone is saying Manchester United will win the league but the fact that they are fighting for the title … awesome. I never imagined that,” Neville said.

“It’s a strange season. Why don’t the Manchester United fans believe? Why not believe this team? Look at the top three, look at the fourth midfield, look at Bruno Fernandez – they have some great players.”

“The other teams are not doing well. Man City is sitting there quiet and calm, nobody really talks about them, but they are doing very well and that’s a real risk. But in the next few days it’s time to have a little fun. A few days will not be comfortable for Liverpool.” .

Against all odds, United would end the week six points behind Liverpool if they win at Anfield V. Super Sunday Direct clash Sky SportsBut does Neville really think United can end the season as champions?

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“I think these players feel they can have a really special season. It’s strange, it changes every week, you don’t know what’s going to happen and there’s an element of unpredictability and Manchester United can take advantage of that.”


Free Watch: Highlights from Manchester United’s victory over Burnley

Paul Pogba’s shot in the second half secured United’s last win away from home, with Burnley failing to hit a single shot on target.

“It’s a big win, to top the league before Sunday seems like a big moment in the sense that six to eight weeks ago you didn’t think Manchester United would be anywhere near that position.

“However, now, they find themselves with something that builds, the soul grows as you can see the way they celebrated with each other, there is resilience built on some shows that weren’t great the whole time away from home but that they did win when they weren’t at their best. You get confidence from that and now United starts to play better The players with the highest level are already starting to show those moments in a more consistent way.

“It’s a little more exciting and I’m going to be enjoying these next three or four days!

“Liverpool were the best team in the league last season broadly. Eight weeks ago, they were probably absolutely certain to win the league. I don’t think people are straying too far from it and this is not a moment to be swept away. We know very well how quickly it has turned this season. : It was Chelsea four weeks ago and Manchester United looked dead, but everything started to change again.

“But that shouldn’t stop the Manchester United fans from drifting in the next few days. Why shouldn’t they do that? It was a really tough few years and there were times when Manchester United seemed a million miles from the top of the league. League. So, who … You’re not expected to be top of the league, three points behind a really good Liverpool team, in January. “

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