Edwin Caz of Grupo Firme gave a car to one of his friends; Video

Edwin Caz of Grupo Firme gave a car to one of his friends;  Video

Although the fixed group It reached world fame, and its members continued the modesty with which they always distinguished themselves, and it is no secret that young people lead a “normal” life, but now they are without the shortcomings that they previously suffered.

For this reason, celebrities share what amounts to their hands, and the profits they receive from their work fixed group They take advantage of them to enjoy the comforts with their family and always realize that their loved ones are not lacking for anything.

This is the case Edwin Kaz, who has repeatedly admitted that one of his goals in life is to give the best to his family, but also to be there and support those who trust him.

Now translated “skip me” He surprised one of his close friends, gave him a car, thanking you for all the support and unconditional love.

The partner in the surprise was another Dearest friends from EdwinThe young man came to Luis Alaniz’s house and handed him a paper bag with keys inside.

Lewis posted a video recorded by one of the people who helped him Edwin. “This gift was sent by Eduin. More than anything else, he gives it to you for your friendship, us, for loyalty, you know, isn’t it? From the beginning she was with him. Carnalito, then enjoy it. Open it, we, to see if It suits you,” they reminded Lewis when they handed him the bag.

Lewis was very surprised to see the keys to the black sedan, the latest model, in which those responsible for the surprise moved. The young man could not believe what was happening. “It’s okay to cry, old man, it’s all yours. Here I have the papers…,” they recall Alanis

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From your Instagram account Edwin Kaz He also responded for a moment and wrote a letter to his loyal friend. “Happy birthday my love. He knows I love him very much.”

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