Cosmetics CEO Lush says he’s “happy to lose $13 million” by leaving social media

Cosmetics CEO Lush says he’s “happy to lose $13 million” by leaving social media


November 27, 2021 05:37 GMT

The businessman says he has another option, after Facebook’s internal investigation indicating that its Instagram app is negatively affecting teens.

Cosmetics brand Lush’s CEO said he’s “happy to lose $13 million” after his social media accounts were deleted, in response to the damage he’s causing to teenage girls, as reflected in an internal investigation recently leaked by an employee.

The cosmetics company closed its accounts in Facebook social networking siteAnd InstagramAnd tik tok And snap chat all over the world.

Earlier this week the British brand ad Leaving the networks on the eve One of the biggest shopping days From the whole year, the so-called “Black Friday”.

“I am happy to lose 10 million pounds [13,3 millones de dólares] to leave Facebook”, She said Mark Constantine, CEO of the company, to The Guardian, referring Financial consequences which will entail a decision.

Disturbed that Meta has not responded to leaked information about an internal investigation that indicates its Instagram app is making worse Teenager body image problems, the director asserts that he “has no other choice”.

“I just thought, ‘This is their own research and they are ignoring that as we are attracting people to their platform,'” said the 69-year-old entrepreneur.

By abandoning the assumptions that the move taken was in fact a marketing move to attract more customers, Constantine asserted that it is Decision made for “real reasons”. “We didn’t do it as a PR stunt,” he said, adding that if the brand backtracked now “it would be a joke.”

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