Edwin Kaze has confirmed that his wife is poisonous and has provided evidence of this

Edwin Kaze has confirmed that his wife is poisonous and has provided evidence of this

Edwin Cazareslead singer fixed groupShare a video of it Wife Daisy Anahi kisses her in the face“Tell me you are toxic without telling me you are toxic,” the message added.

It should be noted that at the end of this week the collection was presented in Toyota Arena in California. During her husband’s presentation, Daisy shared pictures of what happened at the party and also expressed her support and love for the singer.

Both photos shared before the partyPut the following message:We are not perfect but we are happy if we are, while the singer puts:They will criticize you for everything“.

The group is touring the United States and among the states in which they have performed and are about to perform are: Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Washington, Nevada, Arkansas, Minnesota, Idaho, New Jersey, Arizona, Utah and North Carolina.

Their tour will conclude on November 19 Among the places where they will be madison square garden, and New York.

In August, a concert tour of . was announced fixed group It ranked second in terms of earnings, according to Pollstar data, with Average revenue is $2.3 million. The average ticket cost is $86.3. The series premiered in March in Atlanta.

Among the hit songs with which they delight their fans are “El amor no fue pa´ mi”, “Ya surme”, “Eloxico”, “En tu perra vida”, “I don’t come back with you anymore”, “El roto”, “Thank you”, Among other things.

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a few days ago, Grupo Firme singer boasted One of the gifts given to him by a fanOn his back was a denim jacket with his family, his wife and children Geraldine and Gerardo painted on it.

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