JSCL creates a vibrant space for pedestrians at the viewing crossing

JSCL creates a vibrant space for pedestrians at the viewing crossing

Bring parking spaces based on identification

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Jammu, October 3: Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) organized an event titled “Improving Parallel Crossing” with the idea of ​​regulating traffic in Jammu Old City and creating a vibrant pedestrian space as part of the Azadi Ka Project. Celebrations of Amirta Mahotsav. .
Pedestrian walkways are safe, not only to improve air quality and promote physical activity, but also to facilitate business and social activities.
Jammu Smart City is making incremental efforts to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Jamma Smart City has a number of people-focused initiatives that improve its environment for pedestrians and cyclists by improving intersections on busy city roads.
The basic idea behind improving this crossing is to make the road more pedestrian friendly, allowing pedestrians to take the first right on the road.
At this improved intersection, parking will be parallel to the side of the road. To ensure that there is no traffic on the road and that pedestrians can walk safely, everyone, including merchants, is required to park their cars only at designated locations.
Also, in order to have proper parking at this location, it has been reported that ID based parking will be fetched via Jamma Smart City mobile app. Once launched, the model will be replicated at various other crossings in Jammu City.
Speaking on the occasion, JMC Mayor Chander Mohan Gupta congratulated JSCL on the initiative. Our responsibility now, he said, is to keep this space free for walking through organized parking lots. Through many of these initiatives, Jammu City is moving towards a smart city.
Addressing the event, JSCL CEO Avni Lavasa said the project plan was drafted with three things in mind with the Traffic Police Department. First, create a free and safe pedestrian space, second, stop traffic and pedestrian traffic, and third, engage stakeholders to make it a success.
He called on all concerned authorities to cooperate with the traffic police to ensure that traffic and pedestrians are clear and to adopt walking habits to stay healthy and fit. He added that the use of vehicles should be encouraged if not necessary.
JSCL organized a series of events as part of the Azadi Ka Amirta Mahotsav Celebrations in Jammu from 1-3 October 2021.
The occasion was attended by Adviser No. 10 Anil Masoum, DC Jammu Anshul Cork, SSP Jammu Chandan Kohli, JSCL Additional Executive Director Hitesh Gupta, Team Leader Pushpinder, JSCL, JMC and other senior officials.
At the event, RED FM 91.9 presented an awareness program for the local residents who set the traffic rules, Jammu Smart and Vibrant.
The event was also attended by Group Chairman J&K, Uttarakhand, Siddharth Arora, RJSarang and RJ Senior Executives of 91.9 FM, including Vasuda, RJ Ruhi, Group Director Sarab Sethi and Group Director Shaker Banotra.

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