El Alfa plays Premio Lo Nuestro with Zion & Lennox and Camilo

El Alfa plays Premio Lo Nuestro with Zion & Lennox and Camilo

Dominican urban artist alpha The present said in Lo Nuestro Prize 2021 With two presentations at the ceremony in Miami.

The interpreter of “Running Lakers” sang “Baby” with the Colombian singer Camilo At the beginning of the ceremony, he was conducted with the Puerto Rican duo Zion Wi Linux The “drop drop”.

The Creole band participated in many of the most colorful shows that sparked their concert tonight by Univision.

Despite the circulation of several pictures of the purchase of the luxury car by the Alfa company BugattiThis did not appear in the very expensive car, which exceeds 2.4 million euros and is red. The artist has yet to publish that he has actually acquired the car which has caused so much controversy.

Other artists who have performed scheduled, live or pre-recorded, are CNCO, Ivy Queen, who sang alongside Gloria TreviJus Favela with Jesse Uribe; Luis Fonsi Victor Manuel from La India; And Justin Coyles.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez debuted in Premio Lo Nuestro with Rauw Alejandro performing her “Baila With Me” collaboration, although it was a pre-recorded show.

Albatero Santos Romeo He won the 2021 Lo Nuestro Award as “Artist of the Year, Tropical”, while remixing “Best Version of Me” with Santiago singer. Nate Natasha The winner was “Song of the Year – Tropical”.

The translator “Centavito” did not attend the ceremony, but Nati Natasha did, who received the small statue on behalf of the two and happily announced that she was six months pregnant as a result of her relationship with her manager, Ravi Pina.

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The Premio Lo Nuestro party dressed up in salsa as a tribute to maestro Johnny Pacheco, who died Monday at the age of 85 of pneumonia.

It starred in the emotional live tribute of Sonero Gilberto Santa Rosa, Puerto Rican and Dominican Jose Alberto “El Canario”, as well as flute player Nestor Torres, and was moderated by maestro Sergio Jorge.

Before starting, salsa singer Marc Anthony bowed to co-founder of Vania All Star. The artist said in a broken voice: “Without Johnny Pacheco, there would be no sauce, and without salsa, I don’t know what I would be.” .

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