Watch Gael and Cassandro together at El Paso

Watch Gael and Cassandro together at El Paso

Juarez- Happy and satisfied with the work done over the course of the week shooting the biopic in which he plays Gael Garcia, frontier fighter Saúl Armendariz, ‘Cassandro el Exotico’, has shared some photos and videos on his Instagram Stories as the film’s production team and actor stand with him. The Mexican who had to dye his hair blonde for the role.

After a few months of working on pre-production for the film, Mexican actors Gael Garcia, 42, and Cassandro, 51, agreed on locations for the film in person, because their first meeting was only by zoom.

While the film’s team was staying to implement some of the story’s scenes in El Paso, the birthplace of the fighter, Cassandro shared on his Instagram account some pictures where he appeared eating with the film’s cast and director, Oscar-winning Roger Ross Williams.

Up until this filming moment, photos of Gael Garcia with the horse dyed in El Paso gladiator style had been drip-posted, since his image is so jealous of him and the production team, as well as every detail from the story, that they hope to surprise audiences once the film is over. However, Gayle, Cassandro and production today put together and share the photos as one of the most emotional moments in filming.

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