El Cordo y la Flaca portrays Gerard Pique with two beauties: Barcelona player’s mistakes do not stop coming out

El Cordo y la Flaca portrays Gerard Pique with two beauties: Barcelona player’s mistakes do not stop coming out

It is speculated that Shakira discovered PQ’s betrayal.

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Shakira reappeared a few hours ago. The paparazzi grabbed her and showed us how she had not lost her joy or ability to laugh in the midst of so much chaos. You can see As here The Colombian knows that the legion of fans behind his windshield supports him and prays that he does not lose his peace of mind in the midst of all the pain.

It was the Catalan press that exposed Gerard Pique’s betrayal. The whistle was blown by journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vasquez from “Mamarasi”. We have been informed that the Barcelona FC’s central defender is dating a 22-year-old young blonde. Shakira kicked him out of the house for betraying him and said they had been separated for weeks. Thank you for finding everything for the singer. No more unsubstantiated rumors, speculations or malicious rumors. No. Now, Shakira is said to have evidence of her deceit and does not want to endure such betrayal.

It reminded me of that old video that El Gordo y la Flaca shared a few years ago. Gerard Pique appeared inside a vehicle. In which the player is not alone, no no no. Next to Piqué were two young beauties. He was in the car with them, and he was not seen interacting with the girls, but at the time many said: “Think wrong, you will be right.”

Here we share a video that has not stopped circulating on Instagram for hours:

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