El Salvador meets USAID leader Naib Bukheil after aid cuts to judiciary

El Salvador meets USAID leader Naib Bukheil after aid cuts to judiciary

Samantha Power, an executive at the U.S. aid agency, expressed her concern to Buckeye about the deteriorating democracy in the country.

This morning, Samantha Power, executive director of the United States Agency for International Cooperation (USAID), said she had a meeting with President Naib Bukel.

In it, according to Power, concerns about democratic rule in El Salvador were discussed.

“A constructive meeting with President aynaiibbukele. We spoke openly to the people of Salvador about ஆதரவுUSAID’s support and some #EEUU concerns about democratic governance,” the official wrote on Twitter.

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The visit to El Salvador is part of the first international visit of President Joe Biden, President of the US Cooperation Council and member of the National Security Council. This came just a month and a half after the ruling party attacked the judiciary and took over the office of a prosecutor investigating possible corruption by the Buchale administration.

Therefore, on May 22, USAID announced that it was withdrawing its cooperation from the Supreme Court, the Attorney General’s Office, the National Civil Police, which carried out and carried out the coup, and the Public Access to Acquired Public Information. Officially.

The cooperative added that the funds would be diverted to civil society organizations that are fighting corruption and promoting democracy.

Although there were no further details about the meeting between Power and President Buckley, he said in his tweet that “I appreciate your desire to find a better way into the future.”

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The United States has called on Buckle to restore democratic order in the run-up to the May 1 coup, when the president said the changes were “irreversible” while restricting the three powers of the state and prosecutors’ offices, which further stifled its relationship with El Salvador’s key partner, Washington.

In addition to her meeting with Buckeye, Samantha Power was at a meeting with anti-corruption organizations at Jose Simeone Canas Central American University (UCA), where she lamented the criticism of the removal of El Salvador’s anti – corruption tool. Rights drive away trust and investment in the state.

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