Election Statistics: South American Conservative Fifthmomes Expand on 2020 Census | International

Election Statistics: South American Conservative Fifthmomes Expand on 2020 Census |  International
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As revealed this Monday, the political weight of the southern states of the United States is greater than it was 10 years ago First figures from the 2020 census. Conservative Fifthoms like Texas, North Carolina or Florida – considered a pendulum, but he twice voted for Donald Trump – will get more seats in Congress as their population increases over the past decade. The House of Representatives is made up of 435 members, so as the number of legislators in one state increases, they decrease in others. Territories that have lost a place include New York and California. The latter will see its representation decline for the first time in 170 years Position due to migration recession.

The U.S. population reaches 331,449,281 citizens, according to the census, which has increased by 7.4% over the past decade. This growth is the lowest since 1930 and the second lowest in the country’s history. In addition to redistributing seats in Congress, these figures kickstart the redistribution of wars between Democrats and Republicans. Information such as race and gender And housing will be released at the end of the year. Donald Trump waged a crusade to add the question of citizenship, but the Supreme Court ruled against the Republican claim that the arguments for obtaining that information were “compelling”.

Quantitative data and detailed data will be used by state legislatures or independent panels to redraw political maps.

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Texas, with four million new residents, was the best state, with two new seats in the House of Representatives. Florida, Montana, North Carolina, all Republicans got one extra. Democrats Oregon and Colorado also joined. States that have lost seats include Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and California. With Democratic governors who won President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

California is still the most populous state in the country, a sign of growth since the 19th century. It added 2.3 million people in the last decade, an increase of 6.1%, but lost a seat in Congress because other states exceeded the percentage of expansion. With this, members of the California Legislature will go from 53 to 52 in the House of Representatives. Fall New York not surprising experts. The question is whether he will lose one or two seats in Congress. The Census Bureau lost the progressive territory by just 89, leaving 26 legislators.

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