Mauro Morandi leaves Budelli island after 32 years

Mauro Morandi leaves Budelli island after 32 years

(CNN) – He is known as Robinson Crusoe ItalyAfter spending more than 30 years as a sole resident of an idyllic island off the coast of Sardinia.

but now Mauro Morandi He says goodbye to his cabin on Budelli Island, after local authorities repeatedly threatened to expel him.

The 81-year-old, who has lived on the island since 1989, announced his departure in a letter sent On your Facebook page on Sunday.

“I’m going,” he wrote, adding that he hoped to “protect Bodily as she did for 32 years.” He also said he was “really annoyed” by the situation.

The former professor arrives on the impressive island of Pink Atoll while attempting to sail from Italy to Polynesia.

Budelli Island, Italy.

He had previously said that he was immediately captured by the site and decided to stay. Shortly after arriving, he replaced the person who had served as the shepherd of the island.

However, the caretaker role disappeared when La Maddalena National Park took control of Bodilly in 2015.

Since then, Morandi has spent years arguing with authorities, who say he has no legal right to be there now, and is fighting against plans to turn his home into an environmental observatory.

Budelli Island, Italy.

“I am ready to do everything I can to stay here, even if that means they have to drag me outside.” For CNN Travel last year.

“I don’t know where to live. I definitely will not go back to my home in the North, nor what to do. This is my life. I just don’t see myself playing cards or bocce ball.

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Check out this infestation of jellyfish off the coast of Italy 0:37

More than 70,000 signatures for Mauro Morandi’s stay on Budelli Island

Morandi also admitted that he was worried about the future of the place he had been protecting so badly for 32 years.

“On that day, I expelled two tourists who were invading the Forbidden Pink Beach,” he said.

Budelli Island, Italy.

“I clean the garbage from the sand and keep intruders from getting messy at night. The truth is that I am the only one who has taken care of Bodily so far, doing the monitoring job that the park authorities should be doing.”

Although it received a lot of support and there Seam In keeping with the persistence on the island that had reached more than 70,000 signatures, Morandi agreed that his time there was over.

But, judging by his Facebook post, it looks like he’s not going away.

“You’ll still see my photos from elsewhere, all of Sardinia is beautiful,” he wrote.

Budelli Island, Italy.

In January 2020, Parque La Maddalena’s president, Fabrizio Foneso, told CNN that the authorities had no choice but to “intervene against all illegal construction within the park,” including Morandi’s cabin.

“Nobody wants to expel him,” said Funeso, “but what title should he stay in when the island is no longer private?”

“If there is a need for a caregiver in the future, we can reconsider his situation, but when the business starts he will have to leave,” he added.

CNN contacted Morandi and neither Maddalena Park for comment.

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