Elections: Ecuador count votes to determine Arroz’s rival in the second round of the presidential election | international

Elections: Ecuador count votes to determine Arroz’s rival in the second round of the presidential election |  international
Jaco Perez and Guillermo Laso, in two different photos of the electoral campaign in Ecuador.France Press agency

Five days have passed since Sunday’s presidential election and Ecuador still does not know which candidate will contest the run-off Andres Araws, Dolphin Raphael Correa He was the only one to gain a sufficient majority to secure a place in the second round on April 11th. His opponent would not be known immediately either. The two runners-up candidates, who are only a few tenths apart in voting, have agreed with the electoral authority to review transcripts in 17 of the 24 provinces in which the Andean country is located. 100% of the polls will open in Guayas, the region that reversed the trend and put down the conservatives Guillermo Lasso Above Aboriginal representative Yaco Perez At the last stage of the vote count. Plus 50% of the 16 other provinces.

This decision puts an end to a host of blame, rapprochement and accusations that surprised Ecuadorians last week. Allegations of “electoral fraud” by Yako Perez, who saw his passage into the second round slip when the vote was already over 90%, followed by a sympathy gesture from Guillermo Lasso. Politicians accepted the CREO and supported the vote review as long as the two and the entire country were sure who actually had the most support among the electorate. Against the backdrop of a possible deal to form a common front in front of the UNES correista candidate, whoever reaches the second round, the two rivals sat on Friday to talk for hours.

At first there was tension and criticism of the past episodes, then came the meeting points. “The important thing is that the Ecuadorian people are satisfied and live in calm and peace, and there is no doubt about this electoral process and its transparency,” concluded Guillermo Laso, according to the review of votes in 17 provinces. Indigenous leader, the candidate of the Multinational Unity Movement Pachacutec, sat at the table after rallying his bases to prevent the election being “stolen”, but at the same time ensuring that should Guillermo Laso win, he would sit down to speak. But not before.

“If I am wrong, all bravely, I will say,“ Madam President (from CNE, Diana Atment), gentlemen (CNE), Ecuador, I was wrong, I apologize a thousand times. ”This is the opportunity to show transparency and demand that (the polls) reopen, So that Ecuadorians remain calm and can trust the National Electoral Council, Perez defended at the joint meeting.

Atment, the head of the Electoral College, confirmed the agreement and announced that after reviewing all these records, the results of the first round will be finally announced. But he did not say when this process was expected to end. “We must acknowledge the candidates present here for their willingness to search for suitable options with strict respect for the rule of law and the democratic goals of the nation.”

The point of difference in the approaches between Yaco Perez and Guillermo Laso came precisely from the opponent that one of them would face in the second round. “Lasso and Moreno left Correa. Lasso Moreno left Noboa. Lasso Moreno wants to leave Yaco Perez. Enough dirty play!” Andres Arause wrote on Twitter, repeating that suggestion that Guillermo Lasso had an influence in the shadows during Lenin Moreno’s government. Raphael Correa, Who had been the person who designated Araws as the face of his new political acronym, UNES, also flogged against the agreement to review the polls. Ecuador, totally outlaw, and CNE are embarrassing. Let them calculate what they want. Soon the rule of law will be back, “he kicked off from Belgium on social media, despite the fact that he said Monday after the election that Lasso He is the one who will go to the second round.

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