The new economy minister guarantees the national census

The new economy minister guarantees the national census

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, was sworn in this Monday Pavel Issa Contreras as the new head of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPYD), to replace Miguel Ceará Hatton, who will take over as Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.

Issa made it clear that her commitment is to continue with the work agenda already set by the ministry, and to direct overall strategies for the benefit of Dominican society. In addition, he said that the purpose of this bag is to give “quality” to the state.

“This is a ministry that does not provide services to the population. He pointed out that we do not provide health or educational services (…) Our mission is to give quality to public policies, thus ensuring the quality of service provided by the state to citizens.

Speaking, the new minister said he would continue to direct inter-institutional cooperation, because “there is still a lot to do” on issues such as long-term strategic planning and coordination of planning with investment.

He has ensured that by November of 2022, the National Population and Housing Censusto strengthen the country’s socio-economic indicators as a core issue of the statistical system, data that will promote new development projects.

“Our job is to harvest because we’ve already made fundamental changes in the past two years,” the official said.

He said that it is necessary to conduct a survey of the work carried out in terms of land use planning To prevent development from being carried out in an unregulated manner, and to conserve economic resources that could be directed to other areas.

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He stressed that the preliminary work of the Ministry of Economy has already been completed and that what is compatible with it is to continue implementing the strategic plans and strengthening the assistance it requires until each project reaches its goal.

The swearing-in ceremony was held at MEPYD As directors of departments and deputy ministers of that institution bid farewell to outgoing Minister Ciara Hutton. They highlighted his “mechanism of work, honesty and transparency” during his administration’s tenure.

Among the anecdotes and some videos about the activities led by the current environment minister, the officials indicated their commitment to the work and welcomed Pavel Issa, who was serving as the deputy minister of the government entity.

After then-environment minister Orlando Jorge Mira was assassinated last month in his office, President Luis Abenader decreed the new appointments and encouraged officials to act.

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