Elections in India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hopes to form the government for the third term

Elections in India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hopes to form the government for the third term
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets his followers (REUTERS/Stringer)

Prime Minister of India Narendra ModiHe said on Saturday that he was confident of a third consecutive term after voting closed in the country's marathon six-week general elections.

I can confidently say that the people of India have voted in large numbers to re-elect the NDA government.Modi said in a post on social media platform X, referring to his ruling coalition National Democratic Alliance.

That was expected for a long time Modi He will win a third term when the results are announced on Tuesday, thanks to the image he has cultivated as an aggressive defender of the majority's faith. India.

Polls are expected to give an early indication of whether he won after Saturday night, despite a historically unreliable record of trends in an election with 968 million eligible voters.

Modi himself He was sure, he said he believed it “Indians vote in record numbers” His government should be re-elected.

They have seen our achievements and the way our work has made a qualitative difference in the lives of the poor, marginalized and oppressed. – he posted on social media X.

Many people in the electoral district Varanasi The 73-year-old prime minister, who voted on Saturday, was buoyed by the prospect of his return to power.

Many members of the volunteer army of the Bharatiya Janata Party, India's most prominent party (EFE/ Rita Cardeira).

“I voted for the growth and development of my country”he told AFP Brijesh Taksalia resident VaranasiBefore an Electoral College.

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“I know only one leader… Narendra Modi. “I voted for him.”.

Varanasi It is the spiritual capital of Hinduism where devotees come from all over the world India They come to cremate their dead loved ones on the banks of the river Ganges.

It was one of the last cities to vote in rigorous elections Indiaand public support for an increasingly close alignment between religion and politics Modi And burns intensely.

Modi He presided over this year's inauguration of a large temple dedicated to the god ramBuilt on the foundations of a centuries-old mosque Ayodhya It was destroyed by Hindu fanatics in 1992.

The construction of the temple fulfilled a long-standing demand by Hindu activists and was widely celebrated across the country with televised programs and street parties.

ceremony, and many other demonstrations of loyalty to the majority religion India Over the past decade, they have made many in the country's 200 million-plus minority Muslim community increasingly uneasy about their future.

A member of the volunteer army of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India's most prominent party and engine of Hindu nationalism (EFE/ Rita Cardeira)

Modi himself During the election campaign he made harsh comments about Muslims “Infiltrators”.

He also accused the coalition of more than twenty opposition parties who contested the elections against him for conspiring to redistribute property India Among its Muslim citizens.

Janesar AkhtarA Muslim dress maker working in reputed embroidery workshops VaranasiAFP said it was a sectarian campaign BJP Chronic unemployment was an unfortunate distraction from the problems India.

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“Workshops here are closing, Modi government is busy with politics of temples and mosques”The 44-year-old said. “It should give us jobs, not tensions.”.

Researchers have been waiting for a long time Modi A victory over an opposition coalition did not indicate an agreed candidate for prime minister at any time.

Their prospects have been bolstered by several criminal investigations against the coalition's leaders, which they say were orchestrated by the government. Modi.

Western democracies have largely ignored concerns about democratic rights and freedoms, which could serve to check the growing determination in the hope of fostering an alliance. ChinaNorthern neighbor India and competitive regional power.

The picture Modi Bolstered by growing diplomatic and economic influence at home India: The country is overrun Britain As the fifth largest economy in the world by 2022.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses supporters during an election campaign tour in Kolkata, India (REUTERS/Sahiba Chawdhary)

“As an Indian, I think he has given great respect and honor to India during his tenure”he told AFP Shika Agarwal40, while waiting to vote.

People now look at India and Indians with a lot of respect, something that was not a given earlier.

India Voting was held in seven phases over six weeks to ease the huge logistical burden of organizing elections in the world's most populous country.

Voter turnout has dropped by several percentage points since the last national election in 2019, with analysts blaming widespread expectations of victory. ModiSimilarly, successive heat waves are burning the northern states India.

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Officials of Eastern States Bihar They said on Friday that 10 poll workers had died of heatstroke the day before yesterday while preparing to vote.

Extensive scientific research shows that climate change is making heat waves longer, more frequent, and more intense Asia It is warming faster than the global average.

A scorching sun fell Varanasi At its many riverside temples and crematoriums during polling on Saturday, afternoon temperatures soared to 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit).

“The last few days have been very difficult”said the housewife Bindvaswini DeviHe cast his vote shortly after the polls opened against the extreme temperatures.

“We tried to stay hydrated and avoid going out as much as possible.”

(With information from AFP)

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