The perpetrator against Sivas spreads opinions on social networks; Ramos Risso’s decision was correct

The perpetrator against Sivas spreads opinions on social networks;  Ramos Risso’s decision was correct

The sentencing of Guillermo Guardiola’s defender Gilberto Cebulveda generated both positive and negative comments for the ESPN expert.

Mexico – Puebla Previously equalized the score Sivas After the harsh sentence on Guillermo Martínez by Gilberto Sepúlveda. The play prompted users on social networks to disagree.

In the 18th minute of the intermission Publa and Sivas, On an off-hook of the local team, defender Guadalajara Gilberto Sepúlveda Guillermo Martினnez was brought down on the edge of the area, so central referee Marco Antonio Ordis allowed a penalty in favor of the entire strip.

By acknowledging Gilberto Sepulveda’s guilt, referee Marco Antonio Ordiz confirmed through his Twitter account that the decision was correct. Sivas On the Puebla striker, Guillermo Martinez.

The former referee insisted that the foul would start outside the area, but it would end up falling into the area, which is why the clearance was right, so the draw would come. Puebla.

The vast majority of fans consider this to be the guard’s irresponsibility, regardless of whether the violation was inside or outside the area. Guadalajara Ended up allowing the appropriate punishment Puebla, Which is why Gilberto Cebu Veda was severely criticized.

In addition to the criticism, Gilberto Cebulveda was classified as irresponsible after Puebla equalized the score and changed the face of the game. Sivas Isaac Priscilla’s goal was in the lead from the first minute.

Alvaro Morales was one of the main critics of the herd’s defender’s action, while David Fidelsen revealed that it was a very tough decision for Whistler.

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