Ellis Stephanic: Republicans add Trump ally to party leadership in House of Representatives | International

Ellis Stephanic: Republicans add Trump ally to party leadership in House of Representatives |  International

Republicans on Friday elected 36-year-old Elise Stephanie, who is considered the closest thing to former President Donald Trump’s comments. To replace Liz Cheney as President of the Republican Congress in Congress, The third most important position in the US House of Representatives. The referendum concludes a week in which the party makes it clear that it will maintain its allegiance to Trump by removing Cheney from that position. In November, he criticized the former president’s allegations of fraud in the failed election.

“I think the voters are the ones who say who is the leader of the Republicans, President Trump is the leader they see,” New York-based Congressman Stephanie said after the closed-door vote. “I support President Trump. Voters support President Trump. He is an important voice in our Republican Party and I look forward to working with him, ”the newcomer said Number three Of the House of Representatives.

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Stephanie, who had the support of the former president and two of his key leaders in Congress, received 134 votes, while Chip Roy, a representative from Texas, received 46 votes. He ran for office because he considers Stephanie’s voter record to be the most moderate in Congress: Republicans opposed the tax cuts approved by Trump in 2017 and his efforts to build the budget. Wall with Mexico.

The woman in Congress said in a statement that the Republican group in the House will focus on boosting the economy, creating jobs, reopening schools, promoting U.S. energy freedom, strengthening national security and defending the Constitution. According to two sources close to the party cited by the Associated Press Agency, the legislator will remain in office until next year, when he will be in Congress.

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Trump celebrated his candidate’s victory in a statement: “Congratulations to Elise Stephanik on her massive and massive victory! The Republican Party of the House of Representatives is united in the Make America Great Again movement [Que Estados Unidos vuelva a ser grande, en inglés] Strong! “There are many more reasons to celebrate the former president. The decision to remove the daughter of co-vice president Dick Cheney. George W. Bush (2001-2009) A warning without a second reading that the party continues to accept Trumpism.

The Conservatives have set their sights on the 2022 midterm assembly elections, where they want to regain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The truth is that they will not tolerate any disagreements within the party over the fraudulent demons that Trump claims the election was stolen from him, because they believe his numbers are too powerful to win the next election.

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